New Zealand’s cybersecurity in threat

New Zealand cyber attack had put the stock exchange in halt for the second day in a row. The report says there was a connectivity issue experienced by the stock marketer. There was a similar attack just the earlier day and the system halted for hours.

Though the system restored later and the company resumed work as usual. But it does take a single day and New Zealand again stock exchange attacked again by the hackers.

Cyber attack

New Zealand cyber attack

The back to back cyberattacks are new for the citizens of the country and naturally threatening the security of the same.  “This is a very serious attack on critical infrastructure in New Zealand,” A professor of Auckland University shows concern in the matter.

The incident took place at 3.13 pm in New Zealand time. The incident showed up exactly when the index was at its peak. On Tuesday also the similar way attackers regulated the attack. It clarifies the cyber hacking as a properly planned attack and the attackers are continuously tracking the stock market exchange value.

Concerning for the authority

New Zealand cyber attack for two days in a row is definitely raising questions on its security. It might not very regular in New Zealand but now is happening that so in a frequent manner. The government should take a note on the attacks and take necessary steps for safeguard from further similar cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks now a day is very common in many aspects. And thus to avail with strong security management is a must. New Zealand government also should now look upon their cyber security and make it stronger to stop such incidents.

Not only the area of the stock exchange but other internal affairs should also carry a strong cybersecurity network. No trace found yet about the attacker but the investigation is going on.

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