Fire at Kerala Secretariat; bid to destroy gold case files, says opposition

A fire broke out at the government secretariat in Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, though it was immediately put out, it gave wind to another fire, that turned into a political controversy.

Coincidentally, the fire at Kerala secretariat broke out in the the political section of the general administration department. The reason for the fire was apparently an electrical short circuit. This took the shape of a major political controversy because the political section consisted of sensitive files on the UAE consulate. The UAE consulate is caught in a major controversy involving smuggling of gold. BJP and Congress think the fire tho be deliberate, that it wasn’t an accident.

Sources from the government say that the whole secretariat has been migrated to an e-filing system. Hence, none of the sensitive files have been lost. But they also added that it is yet to be ascertained what all physical files have been lost.

Fire at kerala secretariat

How the Fire At Kerala Secretariat Started:

This incident took place at 4:30 pm on the 25th of August, Tuesday.

Sources say that a few days ago they discovered one of the fans to be faulty. This fan was very close to the racks containing the sensitive files. Even though this fan was fixed, it still had some problems. Apparently, there was some sparking in the fan and the wind caused it to spread to those files. There is a fire and rescue team close to the secretariat that promptly came into action as soon as they were informed. They were successful in putting out the fire in no time. Though the fire was not huge, it sure caused a considerable amount of damage.

The section that was caught in fire contains all protocol related sensitive information. There is a committee formed by the government to probe the causes of the fire. It will also probe whether it was an attempt to sabotage the sensitive information or just an accident.

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