Fastest network of UK: Clapham Village

It is always seen that the network speed in an urban area is always better than the rural areas. The most bugging issue is the lack of good internet connectivity.Fastest network of UK: Clapham Village.

You’ll face continuous loading on your devices. Internet is really poor. People have to come out of their houses or go to their rooftops to get the network.

Nearly all rural have this problem. But, it is a piece of very true news that unlike other rural areas of the world, a tiny village located deep in United Kindom found and built one of the fastest internet networks of UK.

Clapham Village

Believe it or not, Clapham village if the UK which is situated between Lancashire and Yorkshire Dale’s. Now, have 1000mbps fibre optic network, called B4RN also known as “Barn”.

Though, earlier it was a residential area. But, now it is a Community Benefit Society. Which means, this network is for those who actually need it.

But, it is not free for the urban area. It is chargeable in those areas of the country with about £0.86 (Rs 72). So, the monthly price converts to around a figure of £0.03( Rs 2) per megabits.

Currently, Barn is the most affordable network in the UK. The internet was started to roll off the village to people since 2014. Also, by 2018 over half of the population of the village since then have a high-speed internet on a very reasonable and affordable price.

The fibre optics networks were built by various members. One of the heads of the volunteer workers of the village, Ann Sheridan. Revealed that it involved doing,” all kinds of things”.

So, it was a very miraculous thing happened there. Finding a hub for the network connections in a village is next to impossible. As we are all aware that finding a good connection in a village is such a difficult task.Fastest network of UK: Clapham Village.

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