Tesla slashes Model Y: Price Reduction

Tesla Inc.

Tesla In. Is an American company. The company is based in Pali Alto in, California. Tesla deals with electric vehicles. Tesla slashes Model Y: Price Reduction.

The deals in electric vehicles and also in the vehicles with solar charging features. That means solar rooftops.

After 11 years in the market. Tesla is ranked as the world’s best-selling plug-in and electric cars in 2019.

But, the company never had any full profitable year. Though, it still some profitable quarters. But, never a complete profitable year yet. As the rates are high and not everybody pockets can afford those costly solar cars.

But yes, it is going to be a highly profitable company in a few years as that’ll be the need of people.

To know more about the company and its products visit- https://www.tesla.com/

Tesla Slashes Model Y: Price Reduction

There is the cut in the price of the company’s sports vehicle model Y of $3000. Also, the model I also not very old. It was launched just four months ago.

The company reduced the price to maintain the sales momentum in these hard times of Pendamic of COVID-19 in the world.

The price reduction of the model was done in May 2020. Just after 4 months of its launch. The reduction is also followed to the other models that are Tesla’s Model 3, Model X, and also Model S.

Elon Musk: the company head stated that this month smaller than expected fall in-car deliveries in the second quarter. This is because of the pandemic. As we know that the Pendamic hit the Automobile industry globally.

Model Y has previously had a price of $52,990. Which is now reduced to $49,990. That is 6 per cent of the amount reduction.

The company started the deliveries of Model Y in March. The company states that it is a much-awaited crossover that will face competition from European car producing companies like Volkswagen AG. As Volkswagen is also planning to introduce their own electric rivals.

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