First dog to test positive for COVID-19 in US dies

Unlike other pet dogs Buddy was also very playful, caring and loyal. Form running through the sprinklers, going on long car rides, swimming in the lake Buddy had been always there for his owner. In mid-April, right before his seventh birthday, Buddy began struggling to breathe.Six weeks later, he became the first dog in United States to be confirmed positive for  COVID-19.

Medical reports of Buddy

Medical records provided by the Mahoneys (dog’s owner) indicates that Buddy likely had lymphoma, a type of cancer, which would explain the symptoms he suffered just before his death. It was unclear whether cancer made him vulnerable  contracting the coronavirus, or the virus made him ill.

Buddy’s condition before death

Buddy the seven-year-old German shepherd became sick in April, around the same time his owner was recovering from COVID-19. He had a stuffed nose and difficulty breathing, and his condition only worsened over the weeks and months. He began vomiting blood clots, urinating blood and was unable to walk.

Problems faced by Buddy’s owner

Neither public health officials nor veterinarians could offer the family much information, they told National Geographic. There was not enough data  available about the virus in animals.

Final goodbye

On June 2, the New York City Department of Health informed Mahoney that Buddy had indeed contracted the virus. Buddy’s original samples collected on May 15 by his vet were positive for COVID-19 . Buddy’s health continued to decline and on 11th july he left the world.

The Mahoneys hope to pick up Buddy’s ashes this week.

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