FMWhatsApp 24.49 APK Download 2021: Get the Latest Version for Free


Odds are, you already know what WhatsApp is. But have you heard of FMWhatsApp? In this digital age, almost everyone uses something similar to WhatsApp. All that makes the difference these days is either the interface, or the functionality. According to some early 2021 reports, more than 1.5 billion monthly active users are on WhatsApp around the world.

However, people are starting to recognize the limitations of the app. For example, you can only send 30 images, and your video size is pretty limited as well. PDFs, spreadsheets, and slideshows all must be limited to 100MB. These limits are here to stop spammers from overrunning users with potential malware. However, FMWhatsApp essentially solves these problems. In this article we’ll show you what features our APK has, some FAQ, and where you can download the improved version.

FMWhatsApp Specs

Size 51.MB
Version Requirement 4.1 Android
Cost Freeware
Total Downloads 100000+
Developer FM Mods
Last Update 1 Day Ago

FMWhatsApp Features


WhatsApp is easily the most popular app for messaging out there. It can handle text messaging, voice and video calls. That’s pretty standard for a messaging app. You can share images, media, documents, your location, and all without worrying about privacy issues.  There’s a special end-to-end encryption that keeps your data safe. It blocks things like third-party services and other apps that would otherwise access your WhatsApp.

So get all this and more with our application, FMWhatsApp. All the benefits, and none of the limitations.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this app safe to use?

Ans. Yes, this app is perfectly safe to use. Additionally, thousands of users already enjoy the benefits of the APK. Additionally, as long as you follow the steps we listed above in downloading, your device will be perfectly fine to download and run the game. The application is both easy and simple to use.

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Q. Is this APK legal to use?

Ans. Yes, the APK is legal to use. However, make sure you use the product we allow you to download in this article. Using other APKs for the app may not result in the same security. Because we offer 100% security in using our apps and cheats, you’ll be safe. Also, just make sure you download the correct product.

FMWhatsApp Download


Download FMWhatsApp Here

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