Fortnite Leak Reveals All-New Feature: Check out what’s going to be dropping in on a new Fortnite update soon

A new Fortnite leak has been revealed. What’s inside that leakers have discovered may change gaming as we know it for the popular Battle Royale.

What’s the new Fortnite map leak?

Fortnite’s map is no stranger to change. The map has essentially gone through a caterpillar to butterfly change over the three years that the game has been out. Or rather, some would say this game has gone from a butterfly to a caterpillar change. Many fans haven’t exactly been happy with the way Fortnite’s been going with these updates, but as with everything, it’s pretty subjective. Supposedly this leak will be occurring sometime during this popular season 5.

Season 5 started off with a bang, but now it seems it will continue with a shudder, and possibly another bang. The fifth season began with some pretty substantial map changes, giving us things like arenas and desert areas to shimmy on through. It seems Epic Games is ready to throw us another curveball.

What is going to happen to the map?

fortnite leak

Epic Games seems to be adding two more elements to the game that will be interesting for the map demographic: ice and electricity. Ice is something we kind of expected: it is Christmas after all, and Christmas events are sure to be happening soon. So ice is nothing new.

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But electricity? While that may not be new in terms of certain characters like Storm and such, having it as a prominent enough feature to be considered a part of the map is a little strange. You could say that the Storm is electric because of all that thunder, but it really isn’t known as that stereotypically. This also implies that something in the map itself. This implies it’ll even exist before the storm rolls in. So that’s exciting!

This leak comes from a leaker known as MAg0e. He posted all this on Twitter not too long ago. The data itself came from an update that was given to all the versions of the game, including the mobile one.

For now we should be cautiously optimistic. Whether it is for some environmental changes, or for simply effects to some new guns, we don’t know. Either way, I’m excited that Epic Games hasn’t slowed down. They haven’t shown signs of stopping with the creativity and new updates. We should all be holding our breaths for what’s to come.

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