Glee Actress Naya Rivera Drowned in Lake

Naya Rivera had gone missing five days before while on a boating trip with her son.  Authorities are confident that they have found her body. Naya Rivera drowned in Lake? Unfortunately, Naya had accidentally drowned in a lake. Naya was reportedly a strong swimmer and was swimming with her Son when the accident happened.

Rivera was best known as cheerleader Lopez from glee and was even nominated for a Grammy. Naya had a successful career following glee. She had signed a record deal and had starred in several shows and movies like Lifetime’s Devious Maid. She is the third glee cast member to have tragically died after Mark Salling and Cory Monteith.  It is believed that after helping her 4-year-old son Josey onto the Boat Naya was carried away by a current. 5 days later Naya’s body was found floating in an area of Lake Piru that is 35-60 feet deep. Officials think that her body may have been trapped beneath the thick vegetation for days before surfacing.

Naya Rivera drowned in Lake
“Naya Rivera”
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In the previous reports, it was revealed that Rivera had declined the life west but the Man who had rented the boat had still put one in the boat. It also came to light that Naya previously had problems with Vertigo and recently had suffered a Sinus Infection. So Naya had a little number of amphetamines in her system, but it was prescribed. And that is why physical conditions or drugs were not identified as factors in her death.

Previously Authorities had reported that Rivera had accidentally drowned after putting her son on the Boat which was found drifting later that afternoon. But they had not mentioned that her Son had seen her waving her hand shouting for help. Yes, folk’s glee actress Naya Rivera had called for help as she drowned lake an autopsy revealed.

Josey was Naya’s an actor Rayan Dorsey son from their marriage. And he was immediately reunited with his father after the accident.  It is confirmed that Naya Rivera drowned in the lake as there were no signs of foul play and suicide. It was just an unfortunate accident. Fans were heartbroken to hear the news Naya Rivera drowned in Lake. She was just 33. RIP Naya.

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