Google Chrome dinosaur game modified has swords, other weapons

Google chrome has updated its dinosaur game. The same game which appears when your internet connection is off. Google has recently updated the game with 26 new swords in it. This game is quite relaxing after the frustration caused by the lost connection. This new version of the game will be known as Dino Swords.

According to the reports, the T-rex will be getting weapons in the modified version. These weapons will be accessible with the keys you earn in the game. There is a catch to the modified version. Some of the weapons will lead to self-inflicted damage.

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Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Updated!!!!

google dinosaur game

The modified game is built in partnership between MSCHF and 100 Thieves. A spokesperson from MSCHF reported that the previous version was not violent enough. He also said “Anything we can take from Google and mess with we will. The original version just wasn’t violent enough for us. The Dino Game is the final holdover from the golden age of things like Addicting Games and Miniclip games. We’re just making it truer to form.”

The 100 thieves team is hoping that the users will put the newly introduced arsenal to Dino Swords to good use. Dino Swords weapons include battle-ax, portal gun, and respect emoji. Some of these are useful while some rather useless, as per 100 Thieves. These weapons are designed to help the chrome dino to knock down, burn, chop, and sandal-toss birds.

The control will remain the same as the previous version. The change will be on the scoreboard. The scoreboard will now show the global ranking as well. At the end of every week, the table-toppers will get rewards from the game owners.

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