iPhone 12 Pro | New Killer Feature | But there is a Catch

There have been a ton of rumors going around about the iPhone 12 Pro since the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro, it’s like people start cooking up rumors even before completely enjoying the release of the new iPhone. Personally, I am a huge fan of Apple Products, particularly iPhones because of one main reason, they are perfectly optimized for the user. So when Android users complain about iPhones not being customizable, I pity them because they don’t need to be customizable. The sheer pleasure of using an iPhone is learning how it makes our lives easier. Enough rant!

Let’s move onto the topic.

iPhone 12 Pro Leaks :

Apple is known to keep its customers in suspense. They never release a teaser or even a sneak peek of their phones until the main event, unlike other companies.

The iPhone 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max are rumored to have a 120Hz Refresh Rate Display. But as the title of the page might give you a hint. There is a catch, and the catch is that it may not be enabled for us to use. But they say it may be unlocked with a software update. Well, that’s a bummer, according to what a famous Youtuber MKBHD says that you should not buy a product with the promise of future updates, but what it offers at present. Unless iPhones are an exception. iPhone 12 Pro is also rumored to have 5G. But, eventually, we will have to see at the launch itself.

Another rumor the iPhone carries with itself is having a boxy design just like the iPhones 4 thorough 5s. One more thing worth adding is that with the introduction of the new macOS and Apple Silicon, and iOS 14, the user experience will be seamless for those who enjoy using Mac. Nevertheless, whatever the rumors may say, Apple never ceases to surprise its consumers. Even if the consumers are aware of the leaks and rumors, they wait on their toes for the launch of every next iPhone. The excitement increases as the event dates come closer.

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