Haryana Board to Reduce Syllabus for Classes 9 To 12

Haryana Board Reduced syllabus for classes 9 to 12
Haryana Board to Reduce Syllabus



Haryana Board decides to reduce 9 to 12 syllabus similar to CBSE board

CBSE Announcement Attracts Haryana Board 

Haryana State, declares the reduction in syllabus after the announcement of CBSE board for the cut in the syllabus of Classes 10 and 12. Government is also very much in favour of taking steps in cutting the syllabus of various classes. As, it will reduce the burden on students.

Education Minister, Kanwar Pal on Thursday (09.07.2020) announces to reduce the syllabus for students of classes 9 to 12. The state government decides to take this action to reduce psychological pressure on students.

Reduction in Syllabus of Haryana Board

Kanwar Pal, Education Minister said, the syllabus will reduce for these classes in the present academic session of 2020-2021. The reason to reduce the syllabus is due to the lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic. Schools however remained closed across the country and holding of regular classes in the classrooms was not possible.

Haryana Board Remarks on Online Teaching

Haryana government, in this COVID-19 pandemic, is already imparting online education to the students. The state government now decides to reduce the syllabus, in order to reduce mental pressure on students.

The state government instructs the Haryana Board to put the proposal of cut down in syllabus within a week. But, this proposal should commence only after setting up a committee with SCERT, Gurugram.

Government said, both BSEH and SCERT should discuss jointly. Then, reach to common solution by exploring all possibilities. Then send to the government for approval. The government also said, the syllabus which was already taught online to the students of 9 to 12 classes should be included in the proposed syllabus. In this way, it will benefit the students.

Reasons to Cut Syllabus by Haryana Board

State government decides not to put academic pressure on the students and also wants to give the best necessary education. Therefore, the syllabus will reduce for the students studying in classes 9 to 12.

Looking to the current situation of coronavirus pandemic, Pal tells reporters in Yamunanagar, that if the coronavirus situation continues to cause trouble and the situation arises to keep schools closed and are not in position to open in the coming weeks, then the Haryana state government may have to think giving tablets/computers to students from Class 9 to 12 of the government schools.

Pal also added that if any such decision will be initiated then, the action will be taken after keeping the state’s economic situation in view.

Haryana Board and SCERT Panel Appointment for reduction in Syllabus

The State Education Minister asks Haryana Board to appoint an expert panel in consultation with the State Council of Educational Research and Training, Gurugram, to work on the various combinations for reduction of the syllabus. Education Minister on talking to reporters in Yamunanagar said, the situation around the pandemic is getting more serious with rising number of cases across the country, and it seems that the schools and educational institutions may remain closed for coming weeks too.

In such situation, validation of syllabus will help students to ease with the mental burden and pressure. Students are already in stress and is in worry for the current academic year 2020-2021. But, compressing the syllabus and making it compatible will help students to cope up with their studies in a better way.

Haryana Board to Provide Tablet Computers for Students 

The education minister further reveals that he is well aware of the problems being faced by students from poor communities. For them the arrangements of online education is not very easy, to make it accessible the government has to take different steps. The Haryana State will try to reduce the gap of online education among marginalized communities’ by providing tablets (computers) to students of classes 9th to 12th of government schools.

With the tablet computers, students will be able to use the facilities of online learning and cope up with the distance study model in a better way. The government will take this action due to outburst of coronavirus pandemic. However,  the tablets to the students will be initiated after keeping in view the state’s economic situation.

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