Heidi Klum releases Halloween short film after cancelled party plans

Heidi Klum’s Halloween short film releases as she can’t host her annual Halloween party this year because of corona .

Klum is always known for her Halloween costumes. It is safe to say that she also hosts best Halloween parties. However this year parties are like a beautiful dream, definitely we can’t have one right away. So Klum has thought something creative and gave glimpse of her Halloween in her recently released Instagram short film.

Heidi klum Halloween short film
Heidi klum’s Halloween short film

What’s in the video :

  • Heidi Klum’s Halloween short film turn out to the scariest video.
  • This video feature Heidi , her husband Tom Kaulitz and four kids.
  • Best part of the  shared video has to be when lighting strikes kids turns into zombies to chase their mommy around the house
  • From complaining about 2020 to turning into zombies is quite a smooth transition.

She Captioned this short film as -“Halloween is different this year ,but this shouldn’t keep us from being creative”. She also gave some advices to her fans like spend more time with your family. Which is really a great advice because in this time where we can’t meet anyone we have only our family to lean on. On Friday Heidi release a teaser quoting something special is on its way. Since then Fans were eagerly waiting.

Heidi Klum’s Halloween short film teaches us how creative we can get because pathing and celebrations are not happening any time soon we can always do something fun with our family and spend quality time together with them.

While with ‘PEOPLE’ Heidi revealed that she uses body paints for her iconic zombie looks
she also added that it took 7 hours to apply body paint.

This super model always like to be creative and this shows, only someone like Heidi can create this kind of masterpiece as her artistic charms are not hidden to anyone

Heidi Klum’s Halloween short film is all about keeping halls spirits alive and according to her fans she did quite a justice to that. Her fans were surprised and scared at the same time and that’s the exact reaction she was expecting from her fans .

This is really a great way to celebrate Halloween.

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