Hong Kong Arrests Jimmy Lai, Media Mogul, Under National Security Law

Hong Kong Arrests Jimmy

Hong Kong Arrests Jimmy: The new Security Law  of Hong Kong includes severe penalties – up to life in prison. Also allows mainland security personnel to legally operate in Hong Kong with impunity. Moreover the legislation gives Beijing extensive powers. Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under new security law.

Hong Kong Arrests Jimmy
Hong Kong Arrests Jimmy

According to sources “the details of the law’s 66 articles kept secret. However, it criminalizes any act of:

1)secession – breaking away from the country

2)subversion – undermining the power or authority of the central government

3)terrorism – using violence or intimidation against people

4)collusion with foreign or external forces”

On 10th August Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under new security law. Jimmy largely known for his pro-democracy activism. He became the highest-profile person arrested under a new national security law. Moreover he was arrested as a suspect for collusion with foreign forces. About  200 police person searched his  office Apple Daily newspaper.

U.S. on the arrest

Even the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented that he was “deeply troubled” after hearing the news of the arresting Jimmy Lai. As he was one of the pro democratic activist. To this Pompeo also added that the Chinese Communist Party had completely abolished Hong Kong’s freedoms. Also slowly destroying the rights of its people.

Beijing supported Lai’s arrest.

As per some recent reports China’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office’s spokesman tells the official Xinhua news agency that Lai is anti nation.  Moreover he added and blamed the Lai  as representative of “anti-China, anti-Hong Kong” people and planned to start an “illegal” protests. Even the spokesman  also claimed Lai funded pro-independence forces and used his media group to spread rumours.


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