iOS 14 Beta, iPod OS 14 Beta

Apple has been very productive in the development of its new iOS 14 Beta program. The company has released the public beta versions of the less than a month after private betas were released. These versions of the iOS 14 provide a glimpse for Apple devices in the coming year. One of the most notable features about the iOS 14 beta is its compatibility with Apple devices that can use iOS 13. This is also true for iPads in relation to be iPod OS 14.


iOS 14 Beta


To download the IOS 14 beta the first step is to enroll in the “Apple beta software program”. This is also the first set to download the iPod OS 14 data onto an iPad. You have to provide your Apple ID as part of the enrollment. This requirement is most likely they are to ensure the correct account is receiving the download. Once the process is simply open the device wish to download the iOS 14 beta and go to settings. There go to the general operations menu and select software update. This will trigger the update to the iOS on the device. As with any other updates it is recommended that the devices battery charge be at 50%. The device can also be plugged into a power charger during the update.

There is recommendation on the “Apple beta software program” website do not use your primary device for the beta. The advisory stipulates that there could be some issues and or bug that could damage the device. It is also recommended that all data on the device be backed up just in case. The website also includes complete instructions on how to uninstall the iOS 14 Beta and reset to the last stable iOS. There is also a very complete question and answer section on the website that addresses user concerns.

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