Japan: Yamato imposed using of smarthophone for pedestrians on streets!

Yamato, the first city in Japan to impose a ban on smartphones while walking on streets

On July 1st Japan’s Yamato city imposed a ban on usage of mobile phones while walking on the streets.

Visitors visiting the city from or other cities are greeted with the banners telling them about this latest prohibition.

The law is applicable to everybody whether they belong to that city or not. Also, the law is applicable to all kinds of food journeys that are on the roads, parks or any other public place.

Not only the banners. They also use a female recorded voice, to educate the visitors and also as a reminder to the citizens. Turn recording says,” Using smartphones while walking is banned. Please operate your smartphones after you stop walking.

Effect On Breaking the Law

Basically, the law is made to educate the people. And, make them stop glueing their eyes on their phones while walking on the streets.

Even, the World Health Organisation(WHO) estimated that the using of mobile phones while walking on the streets. Increases the risk of an accident by four times.

It is diagnosed that, 9 per cent of the car crash accidents are also because of the diversions or distractions by mobile phones.

Also, in 2014 a Japanese mobile giant NTT Docomo stated that pedestrians lost 95 per cent of their field vision if they glue their eyes to their smartphones.

Although there is no penalty to the rule breakers, their saying is that the law is not to impose penalties but to aware more and more people about walking while using their phones.

People’s Reaction

People there took the law in a very healthy way. They reacted very positively. The support is seen from all age groups ranging from young ones to the old ones.

There are very few rule-breakers walking using phones. Overall, the law was a success. I think this should be implied everywhere.

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