Johnny Depp’s libel case Dismissed Against Sun

Sun Got Cleancheat From The Court

Johnny Depp’s libel case has dismissed by the London high court judge. The actor took legal action against Sun for defaming him and named him as a wife-beater. He sues the British Tabloid and head to court against the remarks and putting his name down.

Sun also took the challenge of Johnny Depp’s libel case and went for a hard legal fight with the help of Amber Heard (Depp’s wife). In all the hearing of the court, Amber also presents in the court with all the evidence against Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp for many days now having a dispute with Amber Heard. The Aquaman actress accused Johnny of domestic violence and are in a legal fight for quite some time.

Johnny Depp’s libel case Is Baseless

And because of this Aquaman on which both played a major role is having difficulties to release. As fans divided into two groups and want the cut down of their screen share from the movie.

And among all this dispute Johnny Depp’s libel caseĀ against the British tabloid sparks the matter on a different level. Sun though claims to be truthful and against violence.

Johnny Depp's libel case
Johnny Depp case against Sun

They presented all the evidence to support their claim and finally judge Andrew Nicol also give a clean cheat to the tabloid. The judge said the evidence is enough proof of Johnny’s violence over Amber and thus Johnny Depp’s libel case against Sun is baseless.

All The Evidence Supports Amber Heard And Sun

British Judge court accepted the claims of Jhonny being abusive to Amber and assault her on multiple occasions. She mentioned 14 such incidents within their relationship time where Johnny assault her indifferent manner, mentally and physically.

The actress said in the court that she is punched, kicked, choked, throttled, and slapped by Johnny on different occasions. The relationship was highly abusive and the assault was limitless.

On the other hand, Johnny Depp denied all the claims and tagged her as Gold Digger. Well, the evidence support Amber’s claim, and Sun is not fear to speak against the abusers.

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