Jon cryer’s Twitter Feud with Matt Gaetz

Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer’s Twitter feud is the talk of the town.  Jon Cryer has exchanged insults with Florida Rep Matt Gaetz after Gaetz got to know that Jon had donated to his opponent. Well, that is something to be angry about. But it seems like things got too hot to handle.  John Cryer’s Twitter feud came to life on Saturday after Cryer deliberately took a swipe at Matt and pointed out that he donated to Democrat Phil Er.

The first tweet was from Cryer’s side. Reportedly it was “Matt Gaetz invited a white supremacist to the state of Union.  Cryer backed his claims with evidence by sharing links where Matt brought a Holocaust denier Charles to the State of The Union in 2018. But the feud got fired after Matt took a swipe back at Cryer by insulting his acting skills calming that his co-star Charlie Sheen had carried the show.

Jon cryer's twitter feud
Jon Vs Matt
How the Feud got heated?

It seems like he hit a nerve as Cryer was quick to give a reply stating that “Is that why the show went on for 4 more years and I got an Emmy for the Best Actor?”

Gaetz’s reply was snide and snarky he basically stated that what he does is better.  Matt reportedly said “What’s an Emmy? An award Hollywood gives to itself? I win elections”. Well Well, that may be true but one shouldn’t insult anyone’s profession.  From this, we can see that Jon Cryer’s Twitter feud really got insulting and degrading.

But in a hilarious twist of events, the feud between Jon and Matt led to Charlie becoming trending on twitter.  And by his swipe at Jon using Charlie backfired on Matt as Charlie is anti-Trump! And Twitter users didn’t hesitate to let Matt know that.  While others did joke that after Ashton replaced Charlie the series was “Unwatchable”. Well, I don’t know about that but Jon Cryer’s twitter feud was at least good for Charlie Sheen’s popularity!

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