Lady Gaga On Social Issues, Public Issue and Mental Health

Lady Gaga on Social Issues
"Lady Gaga on Depression"

Recently Lady Gaga has talked openly about depression and mental health. This is a great initiative as people should know that talking can sometimes help. Before we talk about Lady Gaga on Social Issues, the other news is this summer she released her 6th studio album Choromatica. And interestingly the album is on Mental illness, Trauma recovery.  Lady Gaga had revealed her battle with depression and the movement Black Lives Matter in an interview with Billboard for the 2021 Grammy issue.

Over 11 years ago Lady Gaga had made it to the Hot 100 hit list with her “Just Dance”. And now she talks about how she fell into depression after her Joanne Tour. She admitted she was in a very dark place and she knew it. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to recover but she just couldn’t. At this point Lady Gaga had also started drinking excessively, she was just fed of being judged for everything.  The 34-year-old admits that therapy was a huge part of her recovery but it was the songwriting that changed her mindset. She found her happiness back while writing and recording songs.

About Choromatica

Choromatica is the take of Lady Gaga on social issues. The one theme that is repeated throughout the album is finding light in the darkness. And coincidentally Gaga had released her album on May 29th just before George Floyd’s killing.

Lady Gaga on social issues
“Lady Gaga’s Choromatica”

The artist revealed that the timing was perfect as it let her give the world a gift when they needed it the most.

This started as a journey for the star to actively advocating for racial justice and she dedicated her social media to spread awareness. Also, this was the time she began to educate herself. She also admitted that she may not have fully adopted justice in her life but her constant effort to do is important. Have a look at the take of Lady Gaga on social issues specifically Black Life Matters:

“What do I think about [posting] a black square? I think everybody has a different feeling about a black square. Yes. Do I believe Black lives matter? Do I believe this is going to get louder? Yes, Do I believe it should? Yes,” she said.

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