League of Legends: DAMWON World Champions Skins Announced

League of Legends

The league of legends consists of a vast community of players from different parts of the world who come together to participate in this virtual game, and has a competitive rank system that put your skills to the test this can be by yourself or with a group of friends. Every year a league of legends tournament hosted by Riot Games   is held, where by 12 professional or   even amateurs battle it out to for the championship title as well as a multi-million-dollar championship prize not to mention a 32-kilogram Summoner’s cup. In addition, the culmination of winning a league of legends tournament you or your team get to have a skin line dedicated to you. Just hours after the tournament there is great anticipation of how the skin line will be and which champion will reason the upgrade. The league of legends tournament is highly popular and successful with viewership of millions of people around the world. In 2018 it was recorded 99.6 million people tuned in to watch the tournament breaking the 2017 final record. So you can imagine just how much of a big deal it is

What is League of Legends

For those who probably do not know what the League of Legends is, here is a bit of insight. The League of Legends is multi-player online battle arena videogame developed and published by Riot games which was released in October 2009. It is team oriented video strategy game that allows its players to work together to defeat their enemy axis that is located in the middle of their phase before your opponent take down yours. To start you need to choose a champion form a list of 130, all of which have their unique strengths and skills that you can use to defeat your enemy. There are two ways in which your champion can get stronger this can either be by leveling up, this is by gaining experiences by being in the area when your enemies die and each level of experience gives you an ability point which you can use after a certain level of accumulation you can use to unlock your abilities and make them stronger. Another way to get stronger is buying items from the gold you earned from killing enemies during a match. If you are unsure what to buy you can check out the recommended tab which has items that can help your champions’ ability. A combination of teamwork, skill, speed and intelligence will lead you to victory to your opponents in your axis.


DAMWON World Championship

In 2020 League of Legends tournaments the DAMWON Gamming team won against the SN Gaming 3-1 . In just moments after receiving their victory, anticipation rose as to which champion they would choose to receive the DMW skins.  This team of four individual each had the opportunity to choose which champion they would like to receive the DMV sky.

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Nuguri was set to choose Kennen. Nuguri was a master at this champion, he used him in the final against Sunning pulling off a game-winning Slicing Maelstrom in to Baron pit. Not to mention the 100% win rate that he got when he used him while playing LCK Summer  five times and four times at the worlds.


Canyon used Graves in 11 times out of 17 times at the World with a 81.8% win rate, and only played him once at the LCK Summer. Out of all the champions he is more likely to be picked for the DMW skins.


It is not surprising that ShowMaker will choose his most played champion this year which was Twisted Fate. At Worlds, has an impressive 17.0 KDA on this midlaner, with 5 wins and no losses.  Ghost  was stuck between  Jhin, Ashe, or Caitlyn. Ghost used Caitlyn to play in their last game against Sunning in which they won. The most impressive stats out all the three potentials are on Jhin, which he played five games on this champion with 100 win rate.


Beryl also has a chose between Leona and Pantheon. Beryl explained “Pantheon may not be viable as a support next season, so I’m still thinking about it “. The support of  Pantheon only rose up in ranks this Worlds due to the playmaking meta.

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