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Nisekoi Season 3:

It’s been around 6 years since Nisekoi season 2 aired. But questions like will there be Nisekoi Season 3? Is still in the air.

The first season of Nisekoi aired in 2014, has got tons of attention from viewers that the second season was given. But in terms of popularity, the second season has also got much love. So, why the third season is taking this many years? Let’s find out more about this Manga turned Anime’s plot, character, and every trivia. If you haven’t watched this anime yet stay tuned and read till the end. You will surely end up binge-watching this Anime. And if you already watched it let’s recollect some memories as it’s been years since last season aired.

Everything you need to know about Season 1&2 of Nisekoi :

Everything you need to know about Nisekoi Season 3?
Everything you need to know about Nisekoi Season 3

Storyline –

Nisekoi ( literal Translation -Fake love ) is Japanese Manga adapted into many media platforms originally written by Naoshi Komi. This illustrates the story of high school students Raku Ichijo, and Chitoge Kirisaki, both had a fated encounter when Chitoge accidentally knees Raku’s face in an attempt to hope the wall. But their Fate entangled when Raku realized that he had lost his locket in all this falling and running incident which was given to him by his childhood sweetheart with whom he made a secret promise.

But soon he Met Chitoge as a Transfer student in his school and their story officially begins there. They start to look for Raku’s locket. Which kickstarts enemy first then lovers Genre. However, it is also noted their both main leads Fathers are rivals as they belong to rival gangs. And both gangs agreed to maintain peace by pairing their leader’s children together. So, both of them had to be in a fake relationship to main peace within the gang.

But it will be very difficult for both of them because of the locket saga they began to hate each other. Now how their story unfolds whom Raku chooses at the end Chitoge or his childhood sweetheart or some other girl? For answers to all these questions, you have to watch seasons one and two of Nisekoi. Which has really shown their story in the sweetest way possible. Apart from having love stories it has also portrayed comic scenes really well.

Till then click here to watch the trailer of Nisekoi.

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Characters :

Everything you need to know about Nisekoi Season 3?
Everything you need to know about Nisekoi Season 3.
Raku Ichijo –

He is the son of a Yakuza Family leader, a high schooler who wants to live a normal life despite his family background. He wears a locket that symbolizes a promise of love he made to a girl ten years ago while traveling with his father abroad and hopes he can reunite with the girl who bears the key to unlock it. The most annoying trait about his character to the viewers is he is unsure which girl he likes till the end.

Chitoge Kirisaki –

She is a transfer student who came back to Japan from the USA. The leader of the Beehive Gangsters is her father. First annoyed by Raku she later developed feelings for him. She is very smart and capable of almost anything, except cooking.

Kosaki Onodera –

a classmate of Raku And Chitoge. Raku has a crush on her and hopes she is her promise her. Is she or not? Watch full Episodes of Nisekoi to reveal this mystery.

Shu Maiko –

He’s Raku’s Best friend. He is a carefree and fun-loving soul.

And many more…..

Nisekoi Season 3 Estimations while Answering FAQs :

Everything you need to know about Nisekoi Season 3?
Everything you need to know about Nisekoi Season 3; from release date to characters estimation

1) when will Nisekoi Season 3 release?

The short and Simple Answer to this question is we don’t know it yet. It has been more than 5 years already since when the second season of Nisekoi aired. Some viewers also believe that there will be no Third season to this anime. However, let’s hope for the best and be more patient for further updates in its production. And stay tuned with us for such updates.

2) New character additions will be seen in the third season of Nisekoi?

If the story will unfold as per manga then new characters will definitely be added. But we will not gonna spoil it for those who read the manga yet and still waiting for 3rd season of the anime to release.

3) where to watch Nisekoi Season 3?

As Mentioned above nothing about the Third season of Nisekoi is confirmed yet. But two seasons of the Anime are Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. It has great ratings on these platforms. So do check out this anime you will not be disappointed at all.  Netflix also has this, but it is restricted to several regions

If you already watched the first two seasons tell us in the comments, who is your favorite character and with whom you want Raku to end up?

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