Lenovo Legion Y700 8-inch Android tablet poised for possible international launch

Lenovo may finally be targeting an international release for its much sought-after Legion Y700 Android gaming tablet. The 8.8-inch slate was launched in China in the first quarter of 2022, and while Lenovo has also released an Ultimate Edition of the Legion Y700 for the same market since then, a global launch for the original device has yet to be announced.

There is a hint that Lenovo might be considering an international launch for its Legion Y700 tablet. The device was launched in February in China, but it has not made it any further than its domestic market so far. Those seeking a decent 8.8-inch Android tablet have been able to purchase the Lenovo Legion Y700 via retailers such as AliExpress, but it comes without Google Play Services and official support from the manufacturer. However, this situation may soon change thanks to the appearance of an official product page – or at least part of one.

The Legion’s legacy :

Lenovo India has a page for the “Legion Y700 Series”, which has been categorized under “consumer notebook” and “Lenovo Legion”. The site is clearly incomplete and all that is visible at the time of writing is the product name and a small slice of graphic design work. There is no sign of the Lenovo Legion Y700 tablet itself or any list of its impressive specifications. A third-party site, Smartprix, reckons the Legion Y700 is “an upcoming tablet” that is “expected to launch soon”. The estimated price tag given to the device here is an optimistic ₹29,990 (US$363/£300).

Those who have tested the Lenovo Legion Y700 have highly commended the Android tablet for its performance, which is driven by a Snapdragon 870 processor and 8 GB or 12 GB of RAM. The 8-inch Android tablet, seen as a rival to the Apple iPad Mini 6, sports a 2560×1600-resolution display and supports a gaming-friendly 120 Hz refresh rate. With the terminology “Legion Y700 Series” being used, it might even be possible that the Lenovo Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition will also get an international launch, with this more-expensive variant coming with a somewhat gimmicky color-changing glass back.

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