Microsoft details the End of Flash support for Edge

Microsoft supports End of Edge support for Flash

Microsoft is now offering information about how Flash in Edge support will be dropped to dovetail with Adobe ‘s plans, with several notable exceptions. As planned, as of December 2020, Flash will be disabled at Edge by default. Flash versions released prior to June 2020 are being blocked outright. People who use the Pre-Chromium version of Edge and Internet Explorer 11 will not receive Flash security updates from Microsoft, either.

Microsoft supports End of Edge support for Flash

As of summer 2021, through combined updates across various Windows versions including Windows 10 and 8.1, Microsoft will delete the Flash-related developer systems, community policies and user interfaces from the legacy Edge and IE11.

To get rid of Flash, access to a tool to remove Flash as a Windows component, will be required. It will be available this fall. It will launch in the early 2020 Windows update, which will be a suggested update “a few months later.” Microsoft warned that this would be a “permanent” Windows update which simply means there would be no going backwards.

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Business and corporate customers wanting Flash will still have choices available. Edge will allow Flash to run in Internet Explorer mode as a plug-in. However, Microsoft won’t support the Flash code.

Google is dropping Flash support for the latest version of Edge from Chromium, the same time. Adobe has also added that it would notify people to uninstall Flash far in advance of the shift. However, knowing exactly when Microsoft will drop the web technology is acceptable as one certainly won’t miss it because of its security problems.

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