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Method Man, Michael Rainey Jr talk ‘Power Book II : Ghost’ and why it’s special

Power Book II : Ghost
Power Book II : Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost, is debuting on Starz this Sunday 6 September at 9 pm ET / PT.

Power Book II : Ghost
Power Book II : Ghost

The series is an American drama series developed by Courtney A. Kemp. The series is a spin-off a widely popular long-running crime drama series, Power. Power Book II: Ghost will pick up the plot just after the Power finale. The series is considered one of the most watched television shows and one of the most highly rated titles by Starz Play.

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The sequel follows Tariq, played by Michael Rainey Jr., living his new life, where his willingness to shed the legacy of his father comes up against the growing pressure to save his family.

“I didn’t expect the feedback that I am receiving from the final episode. It is much more positive than negative and I am shocked. But hey, I do appreciate it all. I’m excited and now people are looking forward to ‘Power Book II’ and I’m only happy to give it to them,” says Rainey Jr, referring to his character as ‘Ghost 2.0.

The lawyer, in the series, is Davis Maclean, played by none but Method Man, Clifford Smith. Smith said, ‘The fans can expect a lot of twists and cliffhangers. It’s the kind of show that finishes on such a high note when it finishes that you have to come back to see what’s going on next week and that’s what we’re doing this season. Every single episode ends with some form of cliffhanger that will make you want to return next week.’

Here’s why it’s special

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, who served on the sets of ‘Power’ as an executive producer, admitted to being part of the series by begging the Wu-Tang Clan rapper. Further, Mary J Blige, who plays a queenpin by Monet’s name, is another newcomer to the ‘Power’ franchise. It has been exciting for Rainey Jr to work alongside Blige.

Courtney Kemp had a plan in place regarding which characters would continue in this particular spin-off and which would not make room for a bunch of exciting new characters to arrive too. She added, “In a way, I don’t want to concentrate much on the younger people we encounter, but I want to make sure it still feels like Power.”

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