Mira Furlan, ‘Lost’ and ‘Babylon 5’ Actress, Is Dead at 65

Mira Furlan popular for the performance in ‘Babylon 5’ and ‘Lost’ has left the world at the age of 65. We know about her death through a series of tweets. Her Twitter handle disclosed the news, and later J. Michael Straczynski also announced the same. J. Michael is the director of ‘Babylon 5’.

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Mira Furlan dies at 65
Mira Furlan, ‘Babylon 5’ and ‘Lost’ actress has died. The cause of her death is unknown.

Mira Furlan Death-

The cause of Mira Furlan’s death has not revealed yet but J. Michael, in his tweet, mentioned that Mira Furlan’s health was degrading for some time. Michael explained how he feels for Mira through the tweet and wrote how Mira was a kind and good human. He also said that she was an outstanding performer. She was kind and close to each and every member from the team of ‘Babylon 5’. Michael said that they all feel devasted on hearing the news of Mira’s death.

Michael continued and stated that the team of ‘Babylon 5’ will surely take time to process the news of her passing away. So, he requested everyone to be kind and gentle if they don’t respond for some time. The news of her death was announced by her Twitter account through emotional words. The tweet had a happy picture of Mira Furlan. It captioned on how the actress will now visit the galaxies and stars in a clear night. So, the actress has chosen to close her eyes and feel the moment and beauty of the dark sky.

Mira Furlan is famous for her contribution in ‘Minbari’, ‘Babylon 5’ and ‘Lost’. She excelled in art and acting and studied at the Academy for Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Mira Furlan was fluent in several languages including German and French. When she was working in ‘Babylon 5’, she fell in love with the director of one of the episodes- Goran Gajic. They tied the knot and have a son named Marko Lav.