Monica Aldama on Cheer Season 2: Doesn’t know any Plans

Do you think there would be another season of our favorite show “Cheer? What are the plans of Monica Aldama on cheer season 2? Well, she doesn’t know anything about season 2. But I think all of us Netflix fans will agree that we need a season 2.  Cheer made an appearance on Jan 28th with 6 hour-long episodes. It was very binge-watch worthy with this length which also means that you will just blow past it like breeze. And now we are wondering if we will ever get a season 2.

The show was a big hit and was nominated for 6 freaking Emmy awards. Well, season 1 in a word it was awesome! But will it be renewed or not is the question. Sadly, the network has not confirmed anything yet. And the take of Monica Aldama on Cheer season 2 is also been made clear. She says she really is not aware of any plans for season 2. So that means guys that if our main cast only is not in the loop the possibility of us getting Cheer season 2 is low.

monica Aldama on cheer season 2
“Navarro Cheer Squad”
If there was a Season, What would happen?

Well, if for one second we forget the take of Monica Aldama on cheer season 2, and think it was to be renewed, what can you expect? “Cheer” is the creation of Greg Whiteley, so looking at his past work we can guess that season 2 could show a different cheer-leading team.

If season 2 were to happen then like season 1 it could show the next group of athletes fighting to keep their title.  Well if they want to follow the championships then Netflix has to start filming soon if it hasn’t already.

Another possibility can be that the show could follow up on the previous squad. If you have watched season 1 then you know that in the end, everyone went on in different directions in life. So to keep things interesting “Cheer” season 2 could show them reuniting for another championship.

Are you a Cheer fan? How many times have you binge-watched the show? Comment below.

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