MX Players- ‘Basement Company’

MX player new Web series ‘Basement Company’.MX player always telecast outstanding and interesting content at a time of interval.  They are always trying to present a unique concept web series. They keep trying to make the entertainment world hyped with their content. Nowadays MX player has gained millions of viewers for their exclusive content with a free subscription through on other OTT medium has paid content.

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In the recent lockdown period, MX player had released a new comedy-drama called ‘Basement Company’. ‘Basement company’ written by Tarun Dudeja and Parijat Joshi and directed by Divyanshu Malhotra. Let’s have a look at the cast and review of the series.

Name of the Series– ‘Basement Company’

Aware earth ratings -3.5/5

Genre– Comedy, Friendship, Youth Story

Star cast– Gagan Arora, Apoorva, and Mayur More.

Director– Divyanshu Malhotra

Content-type– Mini Web series

No Of Episodes– 5

Platform- MX player

Basement company

The new MX player Web series‘Basement Company’

The plot is based on three Colleagues who tuned into friends. The three young minds Raj, Rahul, Simran work in a startup Music company called “Punjab Beats- Swag ka adda”. Their financers need more set up to attract more clients and they don’t have that much workspace, so the boss and project head decides to play a lucky draw contest to shift some of the people, where these three won a separate workspace in the office.

Soon after that their happiness and excitement vanishes when they realized they have to work in the basement of that company. Here they face some worst conditions with no network coverage, no proper electricity, and water leakage. Also, challenges bound their life as well as their friendship.

Rahul and Raj try to impress their fellow colleague Simran. the story newly turns when two of them only are told to go on a trip with their boss Sukhi on a client visit in Chandigarh. on the matter, they face a heating argument and end up hurting Simran. In a conflicted scenario three of them thinking of quitting the job then they understand the importance of the environment of the workplace after a speech delivered by a senior. At last, Sukkhi realizes and brings them back from the basement.

Basement company ep04Basement company ep02Basement company ep05

The well-known cast of  Basement company-

  • Apoorva Arora – we all knew her. She is very famous on youtube. Aproova is a part of many web series.  Also part of the filter copy youtube channel. Her ‘College Wala Romance’ web series along with Gagan Arora had 7.5 million views in 5days on youtube.
  • Gagan Arora -Also a popular youtube actor. He is famous for his role in ‘College Wala’romance, and girls Hostel. Recently he has done a film called ‘Ujda Chaman’
  • Mayur More-  ‘Kota Factory’ known  Mayur more is also a part of this web series.his role Vaibhav Pandey ‘Kota Factory’ touches everyone’s heart, especially youths.   His acting skill, screenplay and dialogue delivery in k mesmerizing. After ‘Kota Factory’, we have seen him many web series like ‘Girlfriend chor’.

Basement company trailer

Basement company review-

Apoorva Arora, Gagan Arora, and Mayur More have done a great job in portraying Simran, Raj, and Rahul. But names are like a 90’s Hindi Sharukh khan fill which indicates the typical Bollywood angle. The screen is quite similar to “Boys will be Boys”.It has not used its powerful cast into the full capacity. The story is also very weak. Somewhere the basement company has not fulfilled the expectation. the audience expected a stronger companionship from this ‘company’. Still, the 4th and 5th episodes can bring your attention back.

This is also available in Tamil and Telegu languages.

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