NASA launches $5 million competition to find power solutions for Moon

NASA has decided to launch a $5 million competition. The decision was undertaken in order to find solutions to the issues of energy delivery, management, and security of resources. These resources can further be established; and facilitate in the assembly of space flights and future lunar surface operations.

NASA launches $5 million competition to find power solutions for Moon
NASA launches $5 million competition to find power solutions for Moon

On the surface of the Moon, solar energy is believed to be plentiful; however lengthy night hours; approximately consecutive hours; in addition to the intense atmospheric temperatures that shift from daytime to night brings along a few negative effects. This often results in causing issues with the use of solar power.

NASA has been making efforts tirelessly in order to expand human exploration of the solar system.

This will however require the unparalleled capacity to transport, maintain and store resources securely. The aim of the same is to support a sustained human presence and the start of industrial operation.

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Planet Earth has also encountered similar problems. The need and demand for additional and alternative generation of renewable energy; like that of solar, is growing day by day.

However, these additional solutions for power management, distribution, and energy storage are demanded to find a concrete solution to the issues of intermittency and resilience.

NASA in a statement said that its competition for “Watts on the Moon” could facilitate in the promotion of new and fresh power options. The same could be put to use on Earth as well.

The organizer of the challenge of HeroX, a rip off of the XPRIZE Foundation.

HeroX revealed on its official website that a total of $5 million worth prize; would be awarded over two rounds of competition.

The registration for Phase 1 opened up on September 25.

On May 21, the results of the round will be officially announced.

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