NCIS Season 18: Gibbs Mystery Take off will be revealed

NCIS Season 18 is just on the horizon. Fans are eagerly waiting for what happens next.  Season 17 saw a kind of a new version Gibbs. The hardened boss had a vulnerable side. NCIS season 18 will be focused more on this change. And much more lies ahead for fans in the new season. Due to the corona-virus pandemic the show was abruptly canceled, much like many others. So it ended on a mysterious note. Everyone has wondered where Gibbs had disappeared off to in that last episode. Is that why he had changed?

Well folks NCIS season 18 will have all the answers for you. In episode 8 of season 17 Gibbs had gown AWOL, and even the likes of Torres and Bishop were not aware of his location. And in typical Gibbs style, he didn’t provide any information on his return. And now we will finally get the answer!

The mystery will be Solved

The truth behind Gibbs’s disappearance will be exposed. NCIS Season 18 will start with a flashback to the scene when Gibbs took off and show us what happened at that time. This will be a pre-pandemic world. Although the show co-runner Steve Binder has assured that the show will be brought forward in the corona world.

“Mystery will be Revealed”

Not only will the fans be taken back in time to expose the truth but they will also see how the friendship between Gibbs and Ducky developed. This will be 400th episode and was although scheduled to release last season we will get it now.

In a special one-off, we will also get to see young Gibbs! I mean Harmon’s son Sean. Oh, I am so excited to see him return. Well here another spoiler for you, Delilah Fielding is also all set to return. But unfortunately, before the filming od NCIS Season 18 took place Bella had said she will not be coming back.

And most of all there is the exit of Sloane. How will she exit the team? Will she meet her end at the hands of a grizzly as so many others? Or will she break Gibbs’s heart by walking out on him? These are the questions NCIS season 18 will disclose.

Don’t forget season 18 will air in late 2020 on CBS.

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