Netflix Cancels Glow: A big Shock!!

Fans devastated as Netflix cancels Glow just after the series got renewed for season 4. Why! Why would they do this to us? The reason is obviously this Pandemic, the show creators revealed. The glow had been renewed for a 4th season which was the final one. And suddenly on Monday, the streaming giant surprised everyone by announcing that it’s been cancelled. It was a shocking blow for the fans who were eagerly awaiting the final season.

Netflix cancels Glow as it has decided not to finish the filming of the show in midst of COVID-19. Originally Netflix had renewed the Wrestling Dramedy for the Fourth season but three weeks knot filming they put a stop to it. Glow is an expensive show with a large number of the cast so it was very possible that even if Netflix had continued with filming, we would have gotten the final season by 2022 at the latest.

Details about the Cancellation

Do you know what Glow stands for? Its Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. And indeed the cast had carried out their roles with immense beauty.

Netflix cancels Glow
“COVID-19 reason behind Cancellation”

It had started streaming on Netflix in 2017 and had time has only increased its appeal. Fans were really upset to hear Netflix cancels Glow. The series had a few regulars Alison, Betty, and Marc.

All the shows were facing problems resuming production due to the pandemic. But Glow has its own obvious problems, the main one being that it requires a lot of contacts. Since it’s a wrestling show and wrestling requires a lot of close physical contact and heavy breathing is a part of it. All these are absolutely forbidden if we want to stay safe from the virus. So the decision was made by Netflix to cancel the show.

Glow is already a very expensive series and COVID-19 added to its cost. And with the danger of the virus amplified due to the nature of the show, it was wise to cancel the show. Netflix cancels Glow because they were not confident that when Glow releases in 2022, it wouldn’t have a huge fan base as before.

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