Netflix’s Three-Body Problem Producer and Yoozoo CEO Lin Qi Dies At 39

The CEO of Yoozoo Group and Netflix’s Three-Body Problem producer, Lin Qi has died at the age of 39. Lin was rushed to the hospital after he was given poison on Dec. 16. He died on Christmas day and was only 39. According to the reports, the Chinese Entertainment company told that Lin was being treated after being poisoned.

Three-body problem producer on Netflix dies at 39
Producer, 39, Yoozoo CEO Lin Qi dies after being poisoned by co-worker

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The Shanghai Public Security Bureau also announced that Lin’s coworker has been taken into consideration for the investigation. Xu is a key suspect. The hospital informed the Shanghai Police about Lin. The treatment by the hospital determined that Lin has been poisoned. After the call, the police started the investigation, according to which, the police found a suspect named Xu. He was a coworker of Lin Qi and most likely to have committed the crime. He has been arrested for further investigation.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that a local dispute between the Chinese Company’s executives led the assault on Lin. The act was allegedly carried through a cup of poisoned tea.

Lin Qi was a producer on Netflix’s upcoming series “The Three-Body Problem”. It is an alteration from Game Of Thrones creator David Benioff of the bestselling Chinese science fiction books. Lin’s Three-Body Problem is a combination of three books- Remembrance of Earth’s Past, The Dark Forest and Death’s End. Three-Body ProblemĀ was highly appreciated for its original content and theises. The triology also became an international bestseller. It is also translated and adapted in several languages.

Yoozoo Group and its auxiliary Three-Body Universe had procured the rights to the books’ transformations in 2015. However, the huge spending English-Language adaptation was later obtained by Netflix. The Three-Body Problem won a Hugo Award and created history. The triology is reported to be the first Asian novel to win that award for Best Novel. The investigations are still going on and Xu is in police custody.