Super Heavy flights coming in a few months: (Elon Musk: Super Heavy flights)

In the coming months, Elon Musk runs heavy super flights. Well, Mask runs its super heavy flight which is Space-X with low altitude  in coming months or we can expect it will come after few months our sources reported that super heavy flight will be use as orbital launches and also it is capable to do deeper space mission, which further includes Mars. The two launch pads will be set in Boca Chicha and Texas while there will be a prototype setup placed on each launch pad said by company CEO of Space X. SN9 Prototype had recently set its testing facility in Texas by Space X.

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(Elon Musk: Super Heavy flights)

If we talk about its specification then it is 240 feet tall and has 28 Raptor engines this is just a glimpse of Super X specification soon or after a few months, we get to know more. The launch of serial number 8 starship gets successful results but there is a problem is that the engine over burns and its effects in landing and also the vehicle flipped in the ground. Well,

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The starship is designed very well and SpaceX is fully reusable also it can carry cargo and crew members to the Eath’s orbit, the Moon, Mars, and further. The confirmation is given by Musk that company that we will launch the Mars flight in two months we are working. Starship SN5 performed decently and it took time to reach the skies just 40 seconds. Elon Musk tweeted that we are looking for real Space X after the fight test.(Elon Musk: Super Heavy flights)

It includes heavy rockets.Space X will be replaced by the Falcon Line of active duty spacecraft. Its SN8 recently achieved the milestone by flying at 40,000 feet height. well, it will launch in the coming months and we also expect that it will perform well and also achieve the milestone in the coming years.