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New Fortnite update adds Stark Industries to the game

Fortnite update adds Stark Industries

The new Fortnite update will now feature Stark Industries. The latest update of the game arrived today. It not only brings Iron Man to the battle royale but also plugs his enormous and hi-tech powers into the North-Eastern corner of the map.

Fortnite update adds Stark Industries

In v14.10, the Stark Industries Upgrade, the iconic facility appears on the island from the Rift between worlds — along with more great powers, a dangerous new arsenal, and an unique mode to show off the players’ strength.

The update is confirmed that the newly added rift beacon circle of Tony Stark will be used to teleport his HQ into the game. The latest topic of concern is the long crossover with Marvel. This will by far the largest to have appeared since the start of the new season three weeks ago.

This crossover will see other superhero dedicated areas on the map too. Locations solely dedicated to ant-Man and The Collector have define. Furthermore, to commemorate the death of Chadwick Boseman, last month, a Black Panther Statue will also be seen in the game.

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The latest Fortnite update also brings in a whole host of new powers. Stark will be seen using his Repulsor Gauntlets to carry enemies to the heights and launch power blasts at the enemies. While Thor ‘s new Mjolnir Strike uses the iconic hammer in a specific position to mount an attack. They are likely to be helpful as the Nexus War continues to escalate, particularly as patch 10.14 will make the fight off even more compared to the powers of Galactus.

The players will also be granted access to a massive mode of play in the game. Marvel Knockout is a superhero-themed take on previous Limited-Time Mode Operation: knockout; dividing five-person super teams against each other to see who is going to come out on top.

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