Tiger on the loose in Knoxville, Tennessee

tiger loose in Knoxville


People say 2020 cannot get any stranger. Well F.Y.I  a tiger was set loose in Knoxville, Tennessee. Everyone is on a hunt. Looks like Life of Pie part 2 is going to come soon.

Tiger Haven, a well-known cat sanctuary in Kingston is working with local authorities. Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy found a tiger in the forks of the River Industrial Park. People spotted it during Wednesday night.

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency is looking for the tiger loose in Knoxville. The tiger was last found on 8:30 am on Thursday. Matthew Cameron from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency claims that he set the trap.  Tiger Haven will have the tiger for its upkeep.

Interestingly, people saw the tiger in John Sevier Highway. But no one confirmed it. it was from an anonymous source in Knox County Emergency Dispatch. Therefore, Matthew Cameron believes the sighting is not confirmed. The information is not true and confirmed.

Moreover, Zoo Knoxville takes good care of its tigers. There was an interview with the spokesman person of the zoo, Tina Rolen. The zoo officials will not search for the tiger. The tiger on loose concerns animal control and the police. The agency believes that the zoo cannot help.Lastly, Knoxville police, animal control and Air Watch are collaborating with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

The search is still going on, however, no new information is available on the tiger loose in Knoxville.


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