Nicki Minaj Copyright Dispute: Judge in Favor of Nicki

Nicki Minaj Copyright dispute got a significant win. On Wednesday Nicki Minaj was freed from the accusation of Copyright Infringement when judge ruled in her favor. Minaj’s one song was based on Tracy Chapman “Baby can I hold You” and Chapman accused Nicki of Copyright infringement. But the Judge overlooking the case U.S district judge Virginia A. Phillips ruled that Minaj’s use of Chapman’s song as a base for her new song is “Fair Use” therefore not copyright infringement.

The ruling protects the music industry practice of creating new songs based on old material. The Judge stated that it is pretty common for artists to experiment with old work to create new songs and then seek a licence from the creator to use the work. A ruling against this practice will kill creativity and bind the artists. So Nicki Minaj Copyright dispute was solved and the ruling was in her favor too.

More About the Issue

Back in 2017, Nicki had recorded a new song “Sorry” with recording artist Nasir Bin Olu. While at the time Nicki thought that it was based on work from Shelly Thunder, she came to realize it wasn’t.  the Lyrics were uncannily the same as Tracy Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold you” which was released in her debut album in 1988.

Nicki Minaj Copyright Dispute
“Nicki Minaj Wins”

So Minaj’s representative contacted Tracy to ask for permission. But she adamantly refused.  After this “Sorry” was dropped from Nicki’s album Queen in 2018.

However, DJ Flex got an unreleased copy of the song and played it on Air. So the Nicki Minaj Copyright dispute was born. As Chapman accused Nicki of providing Flex with a copy of the song. Now the song is popular on the internet. Nicki’s lawyer produced the argument that free-flowing creativity is essential for artists. And the Judge agreed.

But the dispute remains whether Nicki giving the song to Flex was infringing on Chapmans Copyright. Chapman’s representative asked the judge to treat this as a matter of law but the judge said this matter is of Jury.

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