Nurse handed over cash to fake Sam Heughan and thought she was in relationship

There is the recent news that Nurse handed over cash to fake Sam Heughan and thought that she was in a relationship Star Sem Heughan has targeting many of his fans across North America. It has been reporting from our sources that the number of women has been captured or we can consider as they have been tricked into speaking and in thinking to the actor cheated out of life savings. There is a recent report that one woman was traped last week the update has been revealed by a newspaper that the woman was misled into sending 46,488.17 USD Dollar and she had been told that the money has been transferred or invested in the Heughans’ Whiskey brand and also been reported that one woman having an online affair with the actor after she has connected online.

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Fraudster posing as Outlander star Sam Heughan

Now Recently a woman from  Florida has told that she has too handed money Euro 36,500. Women have thought that she was in an online relationship with  UpdateSam Heughan last 2018 as she has paid more than euro seven thousand for the surprise gift delivery she also thinks that she has been received a surprise last four-month ago. In the month of November,

She has paid another amount of Euro seven thousand Stephine has given a statement that he was frightened to tell her family in the month of September he said that he have sent the delivery but still it did not arrive with me well it has been reported that Stephanie has incurred a loss of more than Euro thirty-six thousand five hundred by giving the amount in the Sam Heughan account.

She has also given the statement she was under pressure in using Euro twenty-two thousand five hundred savings buy Bitcoin with the credit card. We will update you if any update comes.