OnePLus’ OxygenOS 11 finally here?

OnePlus- the one king that ruled Q2 2020- has finally announced that it will launch the final OxygenOS 11  developer preview on 10th of August. The OnePlus CEO broke this news on the company’s social media platforms. He wrote that the new addition will first be limited to a small group of their most technically-inclined community members. These people will be the first ones to test this new feature and identify its drawbacks. This testing group then give their feedback to the OnePlus team, which will then fix the minor glitches. After everything is settled, the OxygenOS 11 will go live to be used by all its consumers.

OxygenOS 11 announcement

What OxygenOS 11 has to offer?

While introducing OxygenOS 11, CEO Pete Lau asserted that the new development is so smooth, it is 11/10. He also mentioned that the company is introducing some fresh design elements with OxygenOS 11. They have also added some highly requested features that the users had been vying for since long. One of them might be “Always-On-Display”.  The company has also confirmed that the users are going to avail a ton of customizations. Rumours have it that OnePlus, with OxygenOS 11, will offer fingerprint lock for hidden pictures in the gallery.

Also, what’s OxygenOS 11 is for the world, is Hydrogen OS for China. OnePlus has confirmed that they will announce HydrogenOS for China at 02:00 PM(11:30 AM IST), on 10th August.

OnePlus and Teasers

Ahead of the HydrogenOS 11 event, OnePlus decided to tease its users with a peek of Zen Mode 2.0 and revamped dark mode. These will be introduced in the latest version of the company’s Android skin- OxygenOS 11. The brand releases a new Android skin every year with every Android release.

The Zen Mode disables all functionalities of the phone, restricting it to be used only for emergency calling for a period of time set by the users. The Zen Mode 2.0 will facilitate multi-user participation and introduce new themes like sea, grass and starry sky. However, there is not much knowledge regarding how a user will be able to use the Zen Mode. But the teaser mentions that users can invite their friends(if they have OnePlus) to join them for a digital detox.

As per the CEO, the Dark Mode in OxygenOS 11 will be supportive of the scheduler and also be easy on the eyes. However, he did not divulge any more details. Yet many are guessing that it will be similar to MIUI 12’s Dark Mode 2.0, that changes contrast and temperature according to the environment.

However, we are yet to wait until OnePlus confirms all of these.

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