Party on the Horizon its Nick Jonas Birthday

A handsome Hunk celebrates his birthday today. His Fans know who we are talking about. Yes, Folks! Its Nick Jonas Birthday. Woo Hoo Party time. Today the musician is turning 28 and we want to wish him A Very Happy Birthday. Nick is one-third part of the most famous Bands in the world “The Jonas Brothers”. He has been in the limelight for a long time now, first as a member of the band then for his love story with our Bollywood Queen Priyanka.

Nick and Priyanka’s romance had a total millennial feel. What with him falling in love at first sight and then proposing to her at the Oscars after-party in front of a good chunk of people. Aren’t they just the cutest couple ever.

Interesting Facts About Nick Jonas!

Its Nick Jonas Birthday! The youngest member of the Jonas Band turns 28 today. So on this Heartthrobs birthday, let’s dig deeper into his past and unearth some unknown facts about him.

nick jonas birthday
“Nicholas Jonas”
  1. You may or may not know this. And it’s a very simple fact but Nick is not his full name. Yeah Yeah, its Nicholas but that’s still not complete. On Nick, Jonas Birthday looks at his complete name Its Nicholas Jerry Jonas.
  1. Do you Know when Nick’s Talent came to light? Well, when he was merely 6 years old when he was at a Barbers Shop his singing talent was discovered.
  2. Nick had started performing Broadway shows even before he turned 8. Looks like once the talent is discovered it can’t be stopped.
  3. What a lot of people might not realize is that Nick was famous even before the Jonas Brothers Band. He had released a hit two hit singles “Joy to the World” and “Dear God”. His album released on 5th Sept 2005 and was titled, Nicholas Jones.
  4. This is interesting his Brothers had actually helped him write his solo Album for instance the song “Please Be mine”. So the Jonas Brothers were sort of Jonas Brothers just that they didn’t know it.
  5. Jonas Brothers were born from Nick’s solo album. The president of Columbia records Steeve really liked the Song “Please be Mine” and Nick’s amazing voice, so he signed all three as a group. And now we have an awesome band.

Well, Folks that was it for Nick Jonas Birthday. Don’t forget to wish him!

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