Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: A Game-Changing Move

The Power Rangers franchise is set to take a new direction with the upcoming series Cosmic Fury. Showrunner Simon Bennett has confirmed that the new series will not be a “monster of the week” show. Instead opting for a long-form story spread across 10 episodes with no fillers. This marks a departure from the traditional Power Rangers formula of adapting a Super Sentai and repeating certain story beats. The new approach will offer a more elaborate narrative and a welcome change for fans of the franchise.


The return of the Dino Fury cast in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

The Cosmic Fury series will continue the story of Power Rangers Dino Fury. The Dino Fury cast is returning. This marks the first time a Power Rangers cast has returned for three seasons in a row. A significant change in the franchise’s history. The return of the Dino Fury cast adds an element of continuity to the series. It allows for deeper exploration of the characters and their development.

A new Power Rangers universe

The future of the Power Rangers franchise is exciting! Hasbro and showrunner Jenny Klein are creating a new universe. Unlike past shows, these projects will have all-original stories, not based on Super Sentai. This means new possibilities for the franchise and more ways to tell stories. Cosmic Fury will use zord fights from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, but will have a unique story and brand new suits.

A fitting celebration of the franchise’s 30th anniversary

To celebrate Power Rangers’ 30th anniversary, the franchise is set to release Cosmic Fury in 2023. The series is a fitting tribute to the franchise’s long history and marks a new chapter for the Power Rangers universe. With its no-fillers approach and the new Red Ranger. The series is shaping up to be an exciting and unique addition to the franchise.
In summary, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury brings a new twist to the beloved franchise. The series will feature a unique storytelling style, the return of the Dino Fury cast, and the creation of a new Power Rangers universe. This exciting series is set to premiere in 2023 as part of the celebration of the Power Rangers’ 30th anniversary. Fans can expect a story-focused experience that’s unlike any Power Rangers series they’ve seen before.

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