Prison School Season 2: plot, characters, release date and reviews [updated]

Prison School season 2 is what the Weebs, the Weaboo, or the Otakus (How anime fanatics are called) are waiting. They can’t hide their excitement when Prison School Season2 is being mentioned. Especially that they are always looking for something new in the Anime world. However, some of them are also disappointed since they have been waiting for years. And they haven’t heard any updates yet about the series. Let’s refresh ourselves on how we love Prison School anime series.

Prison School Season 2
Prison School Season 2

Background: How the Series Started?

One of the most famous and talked-about anime manga series is Prison School. Akira Hiramoto is the writer and the illustrator of this series, J.C Staff is the producer, and Tsutomu Mizushima serves as the series director.  Yen Press in North America awarded its license.

It is a comedy, school, and seinen manga series that was first released in July 2015 and ended in September 2015. Furthermore, the anime only has one season containing 12 episodes. Additionally, an OVA sequel named ‘Prison School: Mad Wax’ was released in March 2016.

Likewise, it was one of 2 winners of the Best General Manga award alongside Gurazeni at the 37th Kodansha Manga Award. More than 13 million copies of the manga have been sold as of March 2018.

Although Prison School season 1 lasted for three months, its fan base around the world was a massive hit.

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Prison School Rewind: 

Prison School revolves around Hachimitsu Private Academy, one of the most respected and prestigious female exclusive boarding school on the outskirts of Tokyo. Its high-quality education and strict disciplinary rules make the school famous. However, everything changed after the school made a major revision of the school’s policy in which from female exclusive boarding school to co-education. It means the ladies in the school will now have male classmates.

During the first semester, only five boys enrolled, having the school the girl-to boy ratio of 200:1. The boys were overwhelmed to see thousands of girls on the campus. Thus, the boys try all means to get close to girls. They try to flirt with other female students, perform certain stunts and activities, and peeping into girls’ bathrooms.

Unfortunately, all their efforts did not succeed because of the strict Underground Student Council (USC). The crime of trespassing into girls’ bathing area results in their internal imprisonment in the school’s Prison Block. As a result, they had to choose either to stay for a month in the prison or be expelled.

Voice actor Kamiya Hiroshi had his say about the script of the series:

“The art is beautiful, and the contrast of using such nice art to tell a comical story is interesting. The main feature is the vulgarity and obscenity, but what hooked me in was the exciting prison break storyline. Kiyoshi and friends gain a lot of wisdom through trying to escape. The friendship between the boys is really attractive. And the story is thrilling, so I’m always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter. Crazy is a bit of a strong word, but the director is very fussy. He’s very particular about what lines would sound good in what scenes”

Prison School Season2: Expected Release Date 

Since Prison School season 1 had its finale last 2015, the fans have been very patient in waiting for the release of Prison School season 2. They are very excited to know about the next adventure of the girls, and how will the boys handle the Underground Student Council (USC).

A lot of news has been circulating in the media all around the world about season 2 of the Prison School. However, the creators of the show haven’t made any official statement yet as to when will Prison School Season 2 be back. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the show might be renewed.

In fact, Naoyuki Uchida, an author of mystery and horror novels, sent a tweet to Mizushima, who directed the series, asking if there would be Prison School season 2. To which he replied that he is willing to do another installment. However, he didn’t mention if the show will be coming back or not.

Since there is no official announcement or confirmation about the official release of Prison School Season 2, let’s stay positive for more updates from the creators. Especially that the producers and studio are secretive in giving details about date release. So fingers crossed!

Prison School Season 2: The Power Cast

If Prison School Season2 will happen, most probably the same voice cast will return. However, we are not so sure about the English voice cast as they received negative feedback on their dubbing skill.

Let’s have a review on the characters of Prison School.

The Male Characters

The most annoying but loved characters

Kiyoshi Fujino (Japanese voice: Hiroshi Kamiya and English voice: Austin Tindle):

He is the main character of the series, and he fell in love with a girl named Chiyo. Although he is not a very intelligent one, he knows his way out of trouble and is a quick thinker.

Hana regularly targets him in prison because he has attempted many times to escape from prison just to see Chiyo. He entered the school prison more than once and endured multiple punishments. USC takes over the prison while he is in the prison for the second time, which made him and Mari allies.

Takehito Morokuzu (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in Japanese and Eric Vale in English):

His nickname is “Gakuto.” He frequently speaks in an old-fashion way and acts quite weirdly. Despite his eccentric nature and stubborn behavior, Gakuto is an excellent strategist.

He is the brain of the group. The strategist who uses the tactics of “The Three Kingdoms” generals or other ancient generals to ensure the success of his plans. He also has a track record of being successful in his strategic endeavors. Due to his intelligence and willingness to sacrifice everything for his friends, Gakuto is one of the most popular characters of the series.  His character in the storyline of the series is as important as the protagonist. His love interest is Mitsuko.

Shingo Wakamoto (voiced by Kenichi Suzumura in Japanese and Clifford Chapin in English):

He has blonde hair and seems to be out-of-place. He is also a pessimist. His love interest is Anzu, and he has attended the same middle school as Kiyoshi.

Jōji Nezu (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in Japanese and Christopher Bevins in English):

His nickname is “Joe.” He is the loner and “misfit” of the group. He has a strange obsession with ants, collects ants farm, and can distinguish each ant. He is physically weak because he suffers from severe stomatitis. Joe attended the same middle school as Gakuto. His love interest is Sato.

Reiji Andō (voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu in Japanese and Sonny Strait in English):

His nickname is “Andre.” He is the fattest kid in the group. Even though he cares for his friends, he also derives pleasure out of pain. He likes Meiko so much. He constantly craves punishment from her. It’s his way to keep her close to him.

Female Characters

Likewise,  the list of characters includes the Underground Student Council (USC) members that will make Prison School Season 2 more colorful: They are:

Mari Kurihara (voiced by Sayaka Ohara in Japanese and Tia Ballard in English):

She serves as the president of the USC. He is in-charge in maintaining law and order by upholding the traditions and values of the school. She is the calmest and controlled member of the USC.

She is the daughter of the Hachimitsu Private Academy’s chairman. Mari has always disliked boys and doesn’t believe in her father’s decision to open the academy up for boys. Yet, despite her cold and calculating nature, Mari is a kind-hearted person. She even defends Meiko when Kate bullies her. She believes in the philosophy, “Anyone who likes crows isn’t all bad.” Her sister is Chiyo, the love interest of Kiyoshi.

Meiko Shiraki (voiced by Shizuka Itou in Japanese and Whitney Rodgers in English):

She is the vice president of the USC and is responsible for supervising the boys while they are in prison. Calisthenics is her sport. Because of her large breast, many students bully her, but Mari is her defender. She is tall and wears spectacles. Since then, she has been one of the strongest characters in the school and does well in Judo.

She is a disciplinarian who punishes boys even for the slightest mistake. Gakuto ends up being her favorite target.  Although she has a strong personality, she finds herself weak in front of Mari.

Hana Midorikawa (voiced by Kana Hanazawa in Japanese and Alexis Tipton in English):

Hana serves as the secretary of the USC, and one of the enemies of Kiyoshi. Later did she know, she is developing feelings for him. She is a martial arts enthusiast. She punishes boys brutally using Karate especially when Meiko’s harsh disciplinary measures don’t work. On the outside, she appears to be calm and tough, but inside, she is impressive. She has very little knowledge about boys and hates unplanned or unannounced circumstances. In short, she doesn’t like surprises.

Prison School Season 2: Expected Plot

The viewers have been very excited as to how the storyline of Prison School Season 2 will run. Speculations and expectations are circulating, but we can only assume.

Most likely, the show may start from the last scene in OVA shown last 2016. The boys were from free from prison which caused a rift between the ASC (Aboveground School Council) and USC ( Underground School Council).

Escaping the Prison School

Since the boys are already free from prison, how will they behave? Have they learned their lesson or will they cause more trouble? How will the girls adapt to the environment considering there were already changes?

To make the show even more interesting and engaging, many expect the boys would still have the same role and the others would return as varsity. After the boys’ experience in the school’s prison, they will become more curious and rebellious. New male characters will enroll in the academy.

Consequently, there would be more male students, so new stories can take place in the academy. Fans can also expect that the manga series might continue with the journey of Kiyoshi and Chiyo. The female students would even have to regulate to their new environment.

As for the Underground Scholar Council members’ imprisonment, a more detailed investigation will take place. Besides, the rivalry between the USC and ASC faculty members will become worse. This can give the viewers more excitement.

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Fan Reviews

Prison School had only 1 season which had its debut 5 years ago, and the fans gave their fair reviews. It garnered quite a lot of positive reviews with a 7.78/10 based on over 327,565 votes.  They are hoping that in this way, there will be a better Prison School season 2  to be released. They have been very honest to point out the positive and negative side of the series.

Many thought that the manga series as funny and comical if you have a sense of humor. Although it has a lot of sexual references, one would laugh out loud and enjoy watching the show. Others even point out the fan service, but in the end, it was a good series. Some even recommended it as we need to have more shows like Prison School to release our stress. Some women’s group applauded as “Girl Power.”

On the other hand, some criticize the English dub as they sounded annoying and creepy. Likewise, for those who are conservative and sensitive, they find the series to be too much to handle. They do not even recommend to children. There were some suggestions that for the next season, the producers and writers of the show should cut down fan service.

Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We just hope that the producers of the show will take note of this.


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