QB1 Season 4: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Updates

When will QB1 season 4 release? Will there even be a season 4? All these questions and no definite answer. This pandemic has halted the production of all our favorite shows and has left us wondering when they will return. Especially the ones which are supposed to renew for a new season. Well, don’t you worry folks! We will tell everything we know about QB1 season 4.

QB1: Beyond the Lights is a football documentary that showcases the lives of three high school Quarterbacks.  It’s a sports biopic in a different league altogether. This original series from Netflix has been directed by Peter Berg. The overall theme of the show is the struggle of the players as they play in their last final season before going away to college. Wow, the emotions and spirits are high!

The sports documentary is a true story and shows the real scenario of football in America. The first season of the documentary premiered on Netflix in February 2017. And so far it has three pretty awesome seasons. All the seasons were adored by the fans. And we are eagerly awaiting for QB1 season 4.

When can we expect QB1 season 4 to premiere?

Well, that’s a million bucks question and we have the answer for that. The first two seasons of QB1: Beyond the Lights released a year apart. And after the second season was absolutely loved by the audience the show renewed for another season. QB1 season 3 was supposed to release in Feb 2019 but due to some unknown reasons, it was pushed back. It finally released in August the same year and it was even more famous than the first two. The reason was the mystery surrounding its delayed-release.

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After the first three seasons were a raging success QB1 was renewed for another season. QB1 season 4 was planned to start production in summer 2020, but the Pandemic sidetracked these plans. Originally it was supposed to release in August 2020, but now you can expect QB1 season 4 to release by the end of 2020. I know we were so ready for another season guys but just a little more time and we will get it. QB1 season 4 will be available on Netflix the same as the first 3 seasons.

Release Date and All about QB1 Season 4 you need to know…

Who will be in the Cast of QB1 Season 4?

Everyone is wondering who we will see in QB1 season 4. Well, folks if you will remember each season had a new cast. And to be honest not a single one of them disappointed the fans. All the quarterbacks were beyond amazing and their acting was fabulous. There is a recurring theme in the series, each season three leading American high school footballers are picked. Their aim is to go down in history as a great footballer. And their struggles are shown in such a realistic way that you will definitely feel for them.

In season three we saw Lance LeGendre from Maryland,), Nik Scalzo from Kentucky, and Spencer Rattler from Oklahoma in the leading roles.

As of this moment, the main cast of QB1 season 4 is still not confirmed. But I think they will keep up with the tradition and cast fresh new faces from American high school football for QB1 season 4. Although there are some rumors that we can see Bryce Young from California. But we aren’t sure. So let’s just wait.

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Let’s talk about the Trailer of QB1: Beyond the Lights Season 4!

Woo Hoo! Finally, something electrifying. Well unfortunately guys the QB1 season 4 trailer is not out yet. Yeah, I know you are disappointed. But season 3 trailer is really interesting and you could binge-watch the entire series again. It will refresh your memory and pass the time. All the season of QB1: Beyond the Lights were fantastic and if you haven’t seen them yet now is the time.

Why don’t we take a quick look at the plot of the QB1?
QB1 Season 1:

So our story starts in 2017 with Jake Fromm. He is a freshman in the football team of the University of Georgia. In his first year, Jake competed in the College Football Playoff National Championship. We were also introduced to Tayvon Bowers of Wake Forest University and Ohio State University’s Tate Martell. The series follows these three on their journey to Elite positions. Their path is filled with intense pressure, hard situations, and even some physical injuries. Though the documentary doesn’t only show the sports they also show the lead casts family. And all the drama that is a part and parcel of being a teenager. There are common high school issues and how these quarterbacks deal with them.

QB1 Season 2:

Another season another trio. In the next season, the Docu-series follows a fresh trio Harrison High’s Justin fields. The other two in the trio are Sam Hartman from Oceanside Collegiate Academy, and from St. John Bosco High School’s Re-Al Mitchell.  All of them are in their final year of High School and embark on the road to National stardom the same as their predecessors. While Hartman has set his mind to enter Wake Forest and Mitchell is all prepared to go to Iowa, Fields is competing against Fromm.

QB1 Season 3:

The plot is the same as its previous seasons and casts a fresh batch of Footballers set on being the best. Enters Lance LeGendre of Warren Easton High School, Louisiana. He is ranked as the fifth dual-threat quarterback in the nation and credits all his success to his loving Mother. His mother is his primary motivator.  Lance shows great potential to be a legend in Football. He has three younger siblings and is all smiles and Mr. Humble.

The second main lead of QB1 season 3 Sam Rattler is a student at Pinnacle High School, Phoenix. His Footwork is unmatched and he is the leading Pro-back style Quarterback in the country. Spencer is a born winner and oozes confidence. Last but not least Nik Scalzo the star of Cardinal Gibbons High School, Florida. Nik’s ranked 21st in a dual-threat quarterback in the whole nation. He is all ready to attend the University of Kentucky. He is slightly shorter than his contemporaries at height 6’0 and that has always been an issue for him. Well, he seems like a giant to me but I guess in front of footballers that’s not so.

“Plot Season 4”
QB1 Season 4:

Well, it is expected to follow the same premises. With a new cast and new high schools, we just don’t know who yet.

To be honest QB1: Beyond the Lights is a gem of a docu-series. It is totally unique because of its deep characters. It is an interesting watch for Football fans with not too much dramatization and real audio interviews. To make it more realistic and close to the original documentary QB1 uses a Journalistic style to feature its characters. It immerses the audience in the life of these young athletes as they handle immense pressure. It’s a fascinating watch as sometimes we see these youngsters acting very mature for their age and then suddenly they are teenagers with normal issues.

QB1 has no gloss of the flashy reality TV but enjoys amazing reviews and ratings for all its seasons. It has a dedicated fan base and therefore we are sure that very soon there will be QB1 Season 4. While Netflix hasn’t made any official announcements yet you can expect QB1 Season 4 to premiere before the end of this year. As all the previous seasons contained 10 episodes each of 30 Minutes we think QB1 Season 4 will follow in their footsteps only.

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