Razer has created a concept Razer N95 mask with RGB and voice projection

Razer N95 mask is the new market trend in pandemic days. Razer revealed that he has created the smartest mask in the world. And it is none other than a reusable N95 mask that has a respirator. It is called Project Hazel. The mask looks glossy from the outside. It is waterproof, and it is made up of recycled plastic. So, the mask is scratch-free.

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Razer N95 mask- Project Hazel
Razer N95 mask comes with respirator, RGB LEDs and charging case.

Razer N95 mask gives the option of lip-reading because it is transparent. So, when you talk to someone, you can see facial cues. The release date of Razer 95 mask has not been confirmed yet. Razer called it ‘Project Hazel’. The mask has not been qualified and certified by the Food and Drug Administration. But Razer told the media that he is making progress with his team. The team is formed of medical experts and scientists, and are contributing to the development of Razer N95 mask.

Features of Razer N95 Mask-

The special qualities of the N95 mask include- two round zones that cover the mouth (to allow ventilation), air and CO2 filters. Razer also stated that the mask will have a look of a gas mask. And he also claimed that Razer N95 mask will utilise ventilators of disc-shaped. The company said that the mask will get the certificate of N95 filtration. Because it filters the particles of air up to 95%. It also inculcates particles of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.

The disc-shaped ventilators can be removed from the mask as it will be detachable. All the details of Project Hazel are extraordinary. But he has still not cleared the air regarding the two most important factors. Those are- how will the consumers know that it is time to buy a new mask. And how long the mask will remain protective. The longevity factor of the mask is yet to be tested and they are making progress in it. Razer said that the time to buy a new mask will be provided through an application in customers’ mobile. Innovative! Isn’t it?

Reportedly, the Razer N95 mask will also have a LED that will automatically switch on when you step in the darkness. It will also provide a charging cover. But we must say! It cannot be a Razer creation if it does not contain chroma RGB LEDs. The mask will allow you to choose the colour of the LED.