Rebel Wilson Hint On Filming For Ant Middleton

Rebel Wilson from the starting of the pandemic and the lockdown been inspiring with her workout journey. The Australian actress sheds a lot of weight during the lockdown with hard exercise and a strict diet plan. She is now all set to shoot with Ant Middleton.

She during all the months has posted several clips from her weight loss journey and the progress. And all her hard work pays off as she is now flaunting her shaped and teamed figure.

And Rebel is now raising temper with Ant Middleton and posting regularly on Instagram. Recently one of her posts with the soldier fueling the rumors on her filming with Ant Middleton. 

The posts suggest that she might soon be filming for the toughest challenge by Ant Middleton. The gorgeous lady posted three different pictures of her which suggest her gearing up for the fitness challenge.

In the first picture, she was standing on a dune buggy holding her hip. It was a powerful pic and she was all slim and looking tremendously gorgeous in a pink t-shirt.

The access succeeds to get a well-toned figure and the report suggests she is now carrying herself to the fitness challenge filmed by Ant Middleton.

Ant Middleton
Rebel Wilson

In the second picture, she posed with her hairstylist while she was giving her the finishing touch. She also posed with Celebrity SAS Who Dares Win’s hero Ant. And in the last picture, she posed with Ant Middleton and captioned it as “Well I survived Day 1 with @antmiddleton,”

It is almost confirmed that she is performing the fitness challenge as all the pictures suggested the same. Well, it will be interesting to see the Australian beauty on the battlefield to challenge herself and push to the end to win the session.

Rebel Wilson is the show is now the most anticipated and fans can’t wait to see her winning on the battlefield.

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