Recover your Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


There is still a chance to recover data after it has been deleted. Through the use of data recovery programs lost Computer, files can be partially or completely recovered. There are many data recovery programs available but one of the best is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Since its launch in 2005, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has developed numerous variations of its program. Some of these variations must be purchased but others are free. The program is available in variations that are designed to work with Windows or Mac OS. The recovery wizard can find it whether it’s an important document, Prized video, a beloved song, or some other electronic file.

How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Recover your Data

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works because deleted data isn’t destroyed. Only the file name is deleted from the computer when a file is deleted.  New information then overwrites the Space the file filled. Alternatively, space can be used to increase the functionality of the computer. By providing more processing power.

The original file is fragmented into smaller pieces. These pieces are then scattered into free space on the computer. This fragmented data will usually remain until new data replaces it. The computer can also initiate a program that deletes fragmented data. What EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does is simply track down a given file fragmented data and stitch it back together. The process will usually yield a nearly complete file though this does depend on how much of the data has been overwritten by other programs and files. Regardless the wizard will help recover your data.

Key Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has several features but the key ones are its data recovery and ease-of-use. The data recovery works is a two-stage scan run one after the other. The scans are seeking out lost data from the deletion or whatever the situation that led to the data loss. The first scan searches the file directory of the computer for recently deleted or emptied recycling files. What this does is restore the deleted file references in the computer filing system. As long as the deleted or lost files are still intact this method is successful. If they have already been fragmented then only the second scan can find them.

The second scan can still find the scattered pieces even if the data has been severely fragmented. It achieves this by scanning the storage of the computer sector by sector. As it finds the various pieces of the data it re-creates the file. One of the downsides to this feature is that it does take a long time to recover your data. Also, the original filename will not appear with the data or the data may not occupy the same field. This is where another feature of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes in handy, previewing the data. The scene can filter out particular file types and focused on data connected to a particular file. The gathered data can then be previewed before recovery to ensure that it is the correct file.

Second Feature

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s second key feature is its ease of use. The program is very simple and easy to operate. There’s no need for computer expertise or to call in a technician for support. Which is one reason why it has millions of customers who are more than satisfied with the wizard’s results?

Other Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard included several other features. One such is its ability to not just recover but repair corrupted data. Data corruption occurs when an error appears in the program, think of it like cancer for data. Recovery wizards depending on the extent of the corruption can track down the error and fix or remove it. The program does this for data stored on the computer but it can also repair corrupted emails. Recovery wizard is able to recover more than just document files. it can also recover photos, videos, emails, and a variety of other data that other data recovery programs struggle with.

Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is ease to use. The program is very simple and easy to operate. There are only three steps to follow once it’s downloaded and activated. One: pick the location to search for the lost data. Two: activate the scan to search the chosen location for the lost data. Three: preview and recover the data. The program recovers your data so easily it does feel like magic.

The most challenging part of using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is figuring out which version of the program to purchase. All versions of the recovery wizard have variations designed for windows or Mac OS. This means that choosing a version of the program comes down pricing. There are three versions of the program currently available.


The first variation is free to download and allows you to recover data and preview it. This version has one drawback though you only get 2 GB of free data recovery.

The second, Pro, version of recovery wizard provides all the features of the free version but includes Unlimited data recovery. It also includes one-to-one tech support, if you run into a problem that you need explaining you can call tech support free of charge. A private individual or a business professional can make the best use of this version.

The third variation, Technical, includes all the features from the previous two and a license for multiple computers. This version also includes a feature that allows individuals to seek help directly from the service provider instead of going to the IT department. No matter which variation you choose EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will always manage to recover your data.

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