With retro phones making a comeback, iPhone SE car chargers have seen a surge in popularity. But what are the Top 10 iPhone SE car chargers you can get right now?*

All Apple products launched after the iPhone 8 in 2017 support USB-C Power Delivery charging, a completely different sect from QualComm and Qi fast charging for Android.

Fast charging demands all products the device, charging cable, and charging port are all compatible together. We need to keep this in mind when purchasing chargers for the iPhone SE (2nd gen). 

*unless stated otherwise, charging cable not included.

Anker Power Drive Speed+ 2 Car Adapter

The Anker Power Drive Speed+ 2 smashes dozens of top listings across the Internet. Like most car chargers, the Anker PD Speed+ 2 is designed for the automotive outlet, or cigarette lighter.   

49.5W charging and dual ports make the Anker PD Speed+ 2 a crowd favorite. Though the device contains only one USB-C port and one traditional USB-A port, the USB-C port delivers 30W of charge compared to the A port’s 19.5W. Like most similar models, two devices can be charged simultaneously.  

Manufacturers claim the 30W charging technology will fully charge a MacBook 2016 in two (2) hours. Imagine that charge flowing into your iPhone SE!

Anker Power Drive Speed+ 2

AmazonBasics USB-C Car Charger

Branded chargers may catch our eye, but the budget-friendly AmazonBasics USB-C car charger still holds a spot at the top. 

The AmazonBasics charger is not only Apple MFi certified, but it comes with or without a charging cable. Like the Anker Power Drive Speed+ 2, one USB-C port (18W) and one USB-A port (12W) are included. With the global standard wattage at 5W, fast charging is still an option. 

Amazon’s car charger comes with vibration absorption and fireproof technology. And with an automatic stop feature, you won’t have to worry about overheating and overcharging while you focus on the road. 

AmazonBasics with cable

AmazonBasics without cable

Nekteck PD Type-C Charger

The top 10 iPhone SE car chargers wouldn’t be complete without the Nekteck PD car charger. The NekTeck PD comes in various models, all made from fireproof material. 

Some have a built-in USB-C cable, but this one comes with a detachable 1m-long cable. Just know that an attached cord makes it harder to neatly tuck away into your pocket. 

Users can’t get enough of this affordable dual-port charger with both a USB-A and USB-C port. With 45W of power plus 12W from the USB-A port, the NekTeck PD charger can charge mobiles, tablets, and laptops quickly without overheating. 

NekTeck PD Charger   

Aukey USB Car Charger (39W)

Aukey also makes its version of the best iPhone SE car charger on the market. High Amazon reviews praise the Aukey’s combined wattage of 39W, with 27W of power coming through its USB-C port. Product info touts safeguard measures, protecting against overheating, overcharging, and excessive current. 

The charger does not come with a charging cable, but feel free to use your original cable, or purchase one for the car. 

Aukey Car Charger

RAVPower 48W Car Charger

Like the Anker PD Speed+ 2, the RAVPower charger boosts iPhone SE with 30W of power. An additional 18W USB-A port tags along for the ride. 

Advanced safety features include temperature controls, short-circuit protection, and LED lights and a carbon-fibre finish make for easy insertion and handling. 

RAVPower Charger


The CHOETECH dual-port USB C charger contains two (2) USB-C ports, and no USB-A ports. Each port delivers 18W with each charge. 

For those who have all the latest Apple products, this is a steal. While we may not always need to charge two USB-C devices at once, it’s one thing that makes the CHOETECH charger stand out from the rest.

CHOETECH Car charger

Anker Dual-Port USB-C car charger

Very similar to CHOETECH is the Anker 36W USB-C charger. Two 18W USB-C ports and a matte black finish send the Anker Dual-USB-C to the top, with a full five-star rating on Amazon.

Anker Dual-port USB-C charger

Belkin Boost Charge USB-C (36W)

Household names like Belkin have now caught up to the times. Like Anker and CHOETECH, Belkin has released its own high-performance dual-port USB-C charger. Reviews commend the Belkin Boost Charge‘s quick charge abilities and consistent cool temperatures when charging. 

Belkin Boost Charge

Zeehoo Wireless Car Charger Mount

Up until now, all devices mentioned have been the standard design, built to fit into the car’s power socket. 

If you’re not a fan of the low-placed design, or use your phone for navigation while driving, a different charger may be for you. 

The adjustable Zeehoo Wireless Car Charger Mount adheres via suction cup, and claims to be windshield-compatible. The device delivers up to 7.5W of Qi Fast charging technology for iPhone, and 10W for Android. 

The iPhone SE has Qi wireless charging capabilities that activate when mounted on the device. An innovative smart design ensures the mount can be used with one hand, if necessary. 

The phone is secured automatically when placed in the clamps, and a gentle touch on either side of the clamps will open them. LED lights located on either side allow for good visibility. 

If that weren’t enough, the Zeehoo gives us different installation options. The Zeehoo mount comes with an air vent clip, suction cup, and USB-C cable. 

Zeehoo Car Charger Mount 

POWLAKEN Smart Automatic Car Phone Mount

Like the Zeehoo Mount, the POWLAKEN Smart Automatic Car Phone Mount comes with a suction cup, and has 10W Qi Fast charging technology for your iPhone SE. 

A slick black and orange design reveals LED lights when operating the mount’s smart capabilities. The POWLAKEN model is thick/bulky case-friendly, and comes with a quick-release button below the right clamp. Like the Zeehoo, the POWLAKEN Mount offers versatile 360-degree rotation. 


iPhone SE and You

The iPhone SE swept back into our lives as quickly as it left. As Apple makes the switch to USB-C charging, the rest of the world might soon follow. Who knows? The Top 10 iPhone SE car chargers may serve well for years to come.