Redmi airdots 2


Redmi is a sub-company of Xiaomi. Not only Redmi both Mi and Red are the sub-companies of a parent company Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is a Chinese company. It is a 10 years old company. Still, have gained a huge success and became a very well known company.

It is a multinational company. It is not only serving china. It is also available in many other countries. Very smartly it had captured. Middle-class market.

The company currently deals with various electronic products. Which have a high demand in the market today like smartphones, earphones, chargers etc.

Redmi airDots 2

Xiaomi has finally launched the Redmi’s new Redmi AirDots 2 in china. These are the wireless earbuds. It turns out to be a huge selling model in the country.

Realme AirDots 2 have similar features and design of its preceding model. Just like the previous model this also have the buttons to control playback, voice assistance etc.

The company claimed that the earbuds are featured with powerful sound quality but with low frequency.

Therefore the earbuds will have a great sound and would not even harm our ears. Also, the environmental noise will be reduced and we can clearly enjoy whatever is played in earbuds.

The difference which differentiates Redmi AirDots 2 with Redmi AirDots is the frequency or range of Bluetooth. The previous model had a Bluetooth 4.2 and the latest one has Bluetooth 5.0. You can experience instant as well as stable connection.

The expected battery backup of the earbuds is also 12 hours. Which is a pretty good amount of time. Also, they are very lightweight that is each earbud is of 4.1g.

Initially, the company is selling the earbuds in china for 79 yuan which is Rs.800. Later, it will be sold for 99 yuan that is Rs.1000.

It is a very awaited model in India also.

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