Realme 10W Wireless Charger Exists On Official Support Site

Realme 10W Wireless Charger

Realme 10W Wireless Charger

The company Realme claims to launch its first wireless charger in India. Realme 10W Wireless Charger launching will be the company’s plan to increase its value and demand in the country.

Still, the things are in process and very soon will be listing on Realme’s official website. But, in the meantime, the charger can be located on the company’s support site. FoneArena is the first one to declare the Realme wireless charger.  This pops out if one is searching for ‘wireless’ products on the site.

However, the questions related to the product “Realme wireless charger” are in process. Once the things are finalized, it will be uploaded on the actual web pages. Currently, the error messages are getting displayed on clicking these links. It is showing that these pages are under renovation.

Anyhow, there is not much information on this matter in the current situation. However, soon the things will be in tune.

Confirmation for Realme Wireless Charger

The CEO of Realme, Madhav Sheth, initially confirmed this device in a subsequent episode of ‘Ask Madhav’. He said very soon it will launch. Last year, the company came up with the launch of the Realme Buds Air. Now, the commitment made at that time for the launch of “Realme 10W wireless charger” is going to accomplish.

Recently, Xiaomi launches its wireless power bank in the Indian market, looking to this Realme has also spread its wings to expedite in the accessories.

Realme is desperately expanding its collections in India in recent times. BBK Electronics is coming up with much more company’s accessories in addition to the standard line of smartphones. Products like – multiple TWS earbuds at different cost levels, fast-charging power banks and many more items can be seen.

Let us wait and watch, what else the company is bringing to the country and making the country self-reliant.

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