RGV’s Powerstar Trailer leaked!

RGV’s Powerstar Trailer leaked!

Director Ram Gopal Varma had come out with this distinctive plan to charge cash from audiences simply to observe the trailer of his coming motion-picture show ‘POWERSTAR.’

But then fate had different plans, because the trailer of ‘POWERSTAR’ got leaked on-line and in no time RGV comprehended the damage.

But on RGV world theatre, many of us have paid cash ahead to look at the trailer. Subsequently, RGV is determined to pay back those that have already signed.

Conjointly the director also stated that he will further make public the high-resolution trailer of ‘POWERSTAR’ straight on YouTube.

Trailer to officially release on Youtube!

Furthermmore, he also tweeted saying that since the trailer is already leaked out, they have got no alternative however to unleash the hires version formally on YouTube. And, this will be done within an hour’s time. He further added that that each one of those that had paid for and acquired the trailer would get their money back as soon as possible.

Well! Well! Well! this might be another stratagem from RGV himself since not several have signed to observe the trailer.

After all he is quite aware of the way to sell his films and acquire the due attention from the audience.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has delivered quite a few films amid lockdown and recently, he undraped the trailer of his forthcoming film, Power Star.

The director RGV further has been elucidative that his film is not built upon Pawan Kalyan. However, ever since the director gave out the primary look of Power Star, it has got people talking regarding the lead actor’s alikeness to Vakeel Saab actor.

Later, he also processed that it’s not a biopic and conjointly shared a disclaimer alongside it.

Now that Ram Gopal Varma has shared the trailer, it has presently become the talk of the town. RGV’s Powerstar Trailer leaked, due to which he is further determined to unharness the trailer in HD quality.

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