Sam Smith Lockdown: Star Opens Up!

Sam Smith, 28 revealed all his lockdown experience. The pop-star earlier of lockdown criticized a lot for one of his posts on social media platforms. Sam Smith Lockdown was a mixed experience for him.

The singer expressed his struggle in the lockdown period. He talks about all the backlashes he faced during the lockdown because of his pictures.

And speaking on the pictures Sam said it was not a meltdown picture, rather a simple picture which describes his lockdown situation.

Sam Smith Lockdown was also not very exciting as many other celebs and it was pretty normal. He said he never been in him for so long and it was tough to spend all the time at home.

He was always traveling for eight years and hardly stayed for 3 weeks at the home. And for a person like him, who always on tour it naturally takes time to adjust to the lockdown situation.

Sam Smith Lockdown spends with his sister and he opened up about how she helped him to cope up with the situation. She engaged him in different fun activities and it was really good at times.

But sometimes it was awkward. He is not currently staying with his sister but soon will move to her for a few more weeks. Because that helped him a lot to engage in different activities away from daily life stress.

Sam Smith Lockdown
Sam During Lockdown

Also, Sam Smith Lockdown helps him a lot to get rid of the stress because of his back to back album releases. He revealed it was an anxious time for him before lockdown and lockdown helps him in this by keeping him away from the stressful life.

The pop-singer said he was having a tough time dealing with the large audience on stage during live performances and it was depressing. And lockdown helps a lot to ease out!

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