Titanic Actress Elsa Raven Died At The Age Of 91

Elsa Raven died at the age of 91. She filmed an amazing role in Titanic and played many versatile roles in different films whole her career. She was an amazing actress and in her small career, she left footsteps of her own.

Elsa Raven filmed for a longer screen time in Titanic but most of the scene in the featured movie. Only the cuddle scene of her with husband hade made a remark in the movie.

She played an elderly lady in Titanic who went with her husband for a holiday in the luxurious cruise ship. And water poured in her cavin when Titanic began to sink. The scene left a emotional touch to the viewers mind.

But many more scene can be seen in Titanic title song My Heart Will Go On which include Elsa Raven.

Apart from her small role in Titanic she also done tremendously well in Back To The Future and Amen. Elsa RavenĀ starts har career in New York City and began in 1970 with Honeymoon Killers.

And later that the talented lady never need to look back and played many more memorable role in her whole film career. Along with the movies she also played several role for television soup and amazed everyone by her performance.

Elsa Raven show her great acting skill in Save The Clocktower, where she had seen collecting donation with the dialogue Save The Clocktower. And with the small role the she left a great touch in people’s mind.

Elsa raven
Elsa In Save The Clocktower

Her agent confirmed the news and fans started to tribute the amazing soul in their social media accounts. She took her last breat in Los Angles in her resident. Elsa Raven left her legacy with the amazing acting skills of her.

Along with her amazing acting career she was an amazing personality and a great soul. She will be missed forever.

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