Samsung’s upcoming and latest iPad pro challengers prepare to arrive with the brand new specs and latest features. But seems like the size of the new iPad model gets shirked which might lead to losing some features.  According to the latest published report the 11 inches Galaxy Tab 7 apparently won’t have in-display any fingerprint sensor.

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Comparison between Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7+

Last year in 2019 Samsung launched their Galaxy Tab S6. It is the first tablet of Samsung which has the in-display fingerprint sensor.  Also, it is the first optical sensor device of Samsung. These features are the reason behind the assumption that the successor version of Galaxy Tab S6 would accompany with the same in-display fingerprint features.

A press renders revealed a report on 14th July according to the recent that spec of S7+ will be larger than the current one. Also, it has an in-display fingerprint sensor. The 12.4 inches large Galaxy tab S7+ will use a special fingerprint sensor. However, it is not very clear that the latest S7+ will have ultrasonic or optical features or not.  The company’s flagship Smartphones have these optical, ultrasonic features.

According to Sam mobile, instead of the in-display fingerprint sensor in Galaxy Tab S7, it has a capacitive solution mounted which is inside the power button. But this feature is not very new to Samsung Galaxy Tabs. It is previously seen on Galaxy Tab S5e. Before that, it was also present Galaxy S10e.

According to the sources, the new changes might happen for the matter of cost. The capacitive sensor is way cheaper than the in-display fingerprint sensor. Still, this type of changes is not expected from Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

On the coming weeks, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will officially launch in the markets. Let’s wait for that.

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